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Robert Miller (vanrijngo)

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I (vanrijngo), have traveled to Amsterdam specifically to the Rembrandt House, the Museums, and the Vincent van Gogh Foundation in 1995 to discuss with them new discoveries. My intentions were of bringing more attention to the experts there about Rembrandt's and Vincent's works of art.

Now, after showing two major works from the Rembrandt House to one of their own experts, about this unique aspect of Rembrandt's techniques in his art, it turned into a totally disastrous failure. This art expert jumped back about three feet, and then proceeded to tell me to go write a book, and if it becomes a best seller, only then would she agree to talk with me.

Rembrandt van Rijn and Vincent van Gogh's Lost Legacies are a delight to the eyes, if only they the dutch had eyes that could see. Needless to say the experts I saw at the Vincent van Gogh Foundation were no different.

No one that I know of has ever attempted what I myself have, involving Rembrandt van Rijn's and Vincent van Gogh's Lost Legacies. Myself, by bringing out on the internet to the general art public their stylistic works of art, and to expose the full range of Rembrandt's and Vincent's published and non-published works of art. I say by doing this I believe it has made very little difference in the minds and eyes of the MFA experts or world.

I have shown and told the experts of the world how Rembrandt's and Vincent's art reached and is still reaching millions, of their reputation, of their lives, of their idiosyncrasies and of them implanting their vision of their own works of art in the popular mind. Their Legacies stands as a companion to truth, volumes of unknown facts of these two artists works.

These two artist, Rembrandt and Vincent, etchers and engravers, painters who had fallen from grace along with popularity, only to die as a bankrupt out cast and a good for nothing suicidal piece of shit. My findings are a treasure-trove, certainly to delight every Rembrandt and Vincent fan.
Name: Robert Miller (vanrijngo) <rjmrvr@q.com>

Age: 77 Years Old (3/24/1944)
Location: United States

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