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Friday, January 29th 2016

11:50 AM

Vincent's reverse painting on glass along with another painting bought at the same antique store.

The true description of where Vincent shot himself.
Madame Liberge had heard her father talk about Vincent's dungicide in these terms:  " I don't Know why people don't tell the true story. It was not over there , by the cemetery, that  poor fellow put a bullet in his chest.  He left the Ravoux' inn in the other direction of the hamlet of Chaponval.  At the rue Boucher Vincent entered a small farmyard.  There he hid behind the dunghill.  then he committed the act that led to his death later by shooting himself." 

Madame Liberge added:  " These were my father's very words.  Why should he have wanted to invent such an absurd story and falsify history?  Anyone who knew my father could tell you that he was always to be trusted, and for what he said."

Vincent: " I have always had the coarse of  lusts of a beast.   I forget everything in favor of the external beauty of things, which I cannot reproduce, for in my pictures I render it as sometimes ugly and coarse, whereas nature seems perfect to me.

The other painters, whatever they think, instinctively keep themselves at a distance from discussions about the actual trade.  Well the truth is,  we can only make our pictures speak.  But yet my dear brother, there is this that I have always told you, and I repeat it once more with all the earnestness that can be expressed by the effort of a mind diligently fixed on trying to do as well as possible--- I tell you again that I shall always consider  you to be something more than a simple dealer in Corots, that through my mediation you have your part in the actual production of some canvases, which will retain their calm even in the catastrophe.


Talking about a drawing by Vincent in a letter to his brother Theo in May 1889;  "Yesterday I drew a very big, rather rare night moth, called the death's head, its coloring of amazing distinction, Black, gray, cloudy white tinged with carmine or vaguely shading off into olive-green; it is very big. I had to kill it to paint it, and it was a pity, the beastie was so beautiful.  I will send you the drawing along with some other drawings of plants."  Could these drawings also have been a representation of the two brothers soon to come deaths?


Could this painting be by VINCENT WILLEM VAN GOGH?

The Crow, Vincent's sign of death.


The above painting is out of a Vincent van Gogh book showing mixed fruit with the frame being painted with the same paint as the painting just as the painting of mine below was.

This above painting was purchased in Baker City, Oregon at the same antique store who said the two paintings came from the same estate.  Baker City is a old mining town and more than likely was imported from Europe by a important mining representative and remained in the family till the kids estates sale and not knowing to where they had come from and by who the artist really was.


A familiar canvas stamp on the back side that could tell who the maker of the canvas was.


The back side which shows you can have this butterfly flying in which ever direction you want it to. 

The illustration board on the back is, Crescent, and it has been in production since the 1880's to recent knowledge of this fact. What I would like to say about this late production, it is like a Volvo...they don't look too different from year to year.  Why go through the trouble of changing your production line if it is un-called for.

Below is another drawing done on the same type drawing board of two dying flowers side by side which actually shows color like Vincent once was quoted as saying. There is color actually in Black & White.

The back of this drawing is below.

vanrijngo                  More to come.


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Tuesday, January 26th 2016

10:42 PM

Vincent van Gogh, RvR, & R.J.M. coming to you from the past & present.

Not many at all is going to tell you how it was and how it is,...  of the life of Vincent van Gogh and of his predecessor Rembrandt van Rijn and of their unknown Fine Works of Art of this MFA world,...... including a couple of works from R.J.M.
Pic0000_0320.jpg picture by vanrijngo
Vincent van Gogh around 8 or 9, in 1862 about the time that he had painted this portrait painting of his sister Anna below.  Vincent also did a drawing of a farmyard scene with a horse on its verso dated Sept 62.
MVC-011S.jpg image by vanrijngo MVC-003S.jpg image by vanrijngo  MVC-002S.jpg image by vanrijngo
Anna, his sister was 7 years old when Vincent painted her in 1862 and he was nine.  Yeah,.. I know,..... they say Vincent never picked up a brush until he was an old man of 27 years old,... but that is to hear the MFA experts say it.  Isn't it strange that most books on his early life contradicts what the art experts would like you to believe?
MVC-024S.jpg image by vanrijngo 
StudyofVG.jpg image by vanrijngo
ALBUM.jpg image by vanrijngo  ALBUM-1.jpg image by vanrijngo
MargotBegemam1sm.jpg image by vanrijngo  MVC-009F-1.jpg image by vanrijngo  MVC-153F.jpg image by vanrijngo
Pic0006_0320vangogh.jpg picture by vanrijngo
Vincent around 12 - 13 when he was thinking very seriously of working for and becoming an art dealer for his uncle Cent, while getting out of the unwelcome residence where the rest of his siblings and father and mother resided. As most of you are unable to see for yourselves,...   Vincent was now a grown up young man, and still wearing too small of a suit jacket for his age and body size, but some do realize how ignorant his parents really were,... when reading letters about their oldest son's Vincent. He was considered him as one large pain in their whole families well being, and just wanted him to get out there and do something useful in his life.
Pic0001_0320.jpg picture by vanrijngo
Vincent around 17 - 19
MVC-035Sa.jpg image by vanrijngo
A good friend and Artist Rick Friesen's wall-plack sculpture of Vincent's face in my collection.
Pic0009_0320.jpg image by vanrijngo Pic0009_0320b.jpg image by vanrijngo 
Vincent's brother Theo around 33
MVC-001S.jpg image by vanrijngo first.jpg image by vanrijngo MVC-014Se.jpg image by vanrijngo
Vincent father studying his sundays sermon while his son Vincent decided to paint him.
MVC-046S.jpg image by vanrijngo
You can almost see Vincent's face in the ankle of his father's foot, if you look close enough.
MVC-016F.jpg image by vanrijngo  MVC-030F.jpg image by vanrijngo  MVC-016F1x.jpg image by vanrijngo
MVC-002F3a.jpg Vincent carriage out of road with a cypress. image by vanrijngo MVC-002F3aaa.jpg details of signatures image by vanrijngo 
769px-Van_Goghs_Final_View_-_Window.jpg image by vanrijngo
This little area has been in my dreams since I was a child as I remember it.
MVC-001F1a.jpg image by vanrijngo  MVC-010F.jpg image by vanrijngo  f_0834.jpg image by vanrijngo
MVC-001F.jpg image by vanrijngo  MVC-003F.jpg image by vanrijngo  MVC-003F1a.jpg image by vanrijngo
VvGsSuicide-painting.jpg Done on paper image by vanrijngo  Myself-vvg.jpg Full story and more pictures, just copy into your browser.and paste this url image by vanrijngo
Image1.gif image by vanrijngo  Image1b.gif image by vanrijngo thanku.jpg Do you really believe this says Thank You? vanrijngo image by vanrijngo
Remenhans2.jpg Rembrandt's   event_346014.jpg RHL f 1636 Danae Hidden signature that has been in this painting since the time of its creation. vanrijngo image by vanrijngo
1517cb2f.pbw Talking Heads slideshow by vanrijngo
comparison2.jpg image by vanrijngo MVC-032F.jpg image by vanrijngo MVC-031F2x3inchwoodpanel.jpg image by vanrijngo
family_g.jpg image by vanrijngo  RvRsDeadMonkey.jpg image by vanrijngo  F19652P_300-lrgMonkey.jpg image by vanrijngo
6e19998b.pbw Titus asking for hand in marrage slideshow by vanrijngo
4DPictRHLmonkey.jpg image by vanrijngo  4DmonkeyonchainRHLs.jpg image by vanrijngo
Well,... for peat sakes, just look at that,... there's that little monkey is, and he is on the same kind of a looking chain that is around Titus's neck, in the younger painted portrait of him above.  Rembrandt's painting of Tobias.
AnonMysterySubjectWarsawNationalMus.jpg image by vanrijngo  AnonMysterySubjectWarsawNational-1.jpg image by vanrijngo  AnonMysterySubjectWarsawNational-3.jpg image by vanrijngo
AnonMysterySubject1632TheAscensionR.jpg image by vanrijngo  AnonMysterySubject1632TheAscensionR.jpg image by vanrijngo  MVC-050S.jpg image by vanrijngo 

Rembrandt's "The Night Watch" painted in 1642, compared to a 1632 painting that's in Warsaw, and considered to be from an unknown 17th century artist, who at the time painted in a Rubenistic style. I say, to heck with all of you MFA experts, for you all are just as the ones Vincent van Gogh and Rembrandt van Rijn had known, the ones around in their own time,..... blind ass donkey eared MFA experts, ones who can't see you know what-tee!  Butt they seem to be good followers.

untitled1-1.jpg You don't know shit from shinola! image by vanrijngo  2e_1-1.jpg The line-up of experts image by vanrijngo  event_339465.jpg You Fucker's can't see shit image by vanrijngo
CanUCJudasKissingJesus.jpg image by vanrijngo  RHLinHELL.jpg image by vanrijngo
 Can any of you imagine an artist such as Rembrandt, with his own extraordinary power to hide in his paintings the absolute main theme, and what the paintings represent, without anyone able to actually see what he had painted and intended for them to see?  Just to give you an example of what was said, look for Judas kissing Jesus on his cheek in the above two pictures as he is holding on to Jesus' back hair and neck line, while the red robe is actually part of Judas' dress.
MVC-proprieterfillingglass.jpg image by vanrijngo  MVC-041Fa.jpg image by vanrijngo ebay970.jpg a dead lying ass, not large oyster like some say image by vanrijngo

I wonder what Rembrandt meant when showing those two well respected men in a house of prostitution while the little child molester is getting his drink refurbished by the house manager leaning through the door way.  You know how artists felt about these Dutch art experts, and their giant oysters, while usually their minds are in the clouds of smoke, and also the smoke they pull over the rest eyes, and knew then that the supposed experts were not ones to be messed with.  Well, I myself, vanrijngo,... don't really give a shit, for I'm here to mess with the whole MFA world.
albortaAnotheranatomylesson1a.jpg image by vanrijngo  The_Anatomy_Lecture_of_Dr_Nicolaes_.jpg image by vanrijngo
SaskiaRembrandtHendrickje.jpg image by vanrijngo
I want everyone of you supposed experts to imagine in this drawing of mine, this cute little monkey sitting on the arm of this chair, and watching the monkey business going on right before his and your eyes. Once you see this,... you will not see anything, butt this, for this is what was granted to Rembrandt by you know who for him giving up his soul for a life of magic. If only Vincent would have came to this understanding and conclusion,... he might not have suffered as much as he had and wouldn't have been so tormented by his brother, all of his colleagues, and all the rest of the supposed MFA experts.
MVC-002FRembrandt.jpg picture by vanrijngo
This was one of my greatest purchases ever on eBay.  I bought this painting as being described as a old painted portrait of a fisherman on wood panel.
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Monday, January 25th 2016

1:33 PM

A God fearing world we're all living in.

If this is a God fearing world were are living in, I think I'd rather live on the other side,.... where the grass looks to be a little greener. 
rodin-gates-of-hell.jpg image by vanrijngo
The Gates Of Hell
What amazes me more than anything else in this world of ours,.... is when someone, or anyone happens to tell a few truths,... let's say like myself (vanrijngo), when telling and saying things like it was and is,... what had & has happened in most all people's pasts and present lives. Mostly involving the world of fine art and documented history, different subjects which I believe is a commonly talked about happening through-out this sex crazed war mongering world of our,... all the while it being repulsive to MFA experts and art people and most all others too no ends. 
What a bunch of sheep we people have become, with Judas goats in every field one can think of,... and all the good shepherds, in this screwed up world of our,.... tending to their flocks.  The motto I'd guess,... is just go to church every Sunday, ask your God for forgiveness, give up your little offerings to the other good shepherds running their profitable businesses, and go out Monday and start all over again. 
I believe most all people involve in supposed knowledge and in the training of these arts, have become this way, because its the only way to get ahead in this MFA world of ours.  One of the largest truth in this world, is that truths do not prevail,... it's built up of mostly lies, how to cheat, to go out there in this economic world of our, screw as many people as you can,... out of what they have managed to acquire through-out their lives,.... build your own portfolios and net worths, only to be ripped or left by you in your passing years to others. 
If this is a God fearing world,.... in these ways that we are supposed to be living it,... I think I'd rather live on the other side,.... where the grass could very well be greener. 
Here is Rembrandt's Judas trying to give back the thirty pieces of silver to the solders for his little deed below.
Rembrandt's Judas kissing Jesus on his cheek while holding the back of His head while warring his own red robe.

Cheers to the ones who may be able to see this happening.


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Saturday, January 16th 2016

11:45 AM

A good close Look at the real "Jack The Ripper".

Do you supposed that could possibly have been representing good O'l Jack The Ripper behind this gal, ready to grab her by her neck as she is peaking out her window?

Anyone of you art experts wanting to dispute these claim that I'm making feel free to impress me

You can do that by jumping on board with your comments below.  Try and keep it clean, neat and tidy, for the Vincent van Gogh experts at their foundation may just want to reconsider who the artist really was who painted this portrait.  Just think of all the money they could make by bringing in the masses to see a Vincent van Gogh portrait of the long lost, but not forgotten "Jack The Ripper".  They could actually do this by  re-attributing this work of art back to the rightful artist Vincent van Gogh.  It would not be all that difficult for them to do,  since the portrait has always been known to be of his works of art in the first place. 

 By the experts re-attributing back to Vincent, it should make it one sought after little portrait for all to see in real life.  They would be able to see what Jack really did looked like in his day and the fear that he must have put into the mind and souls of his victims as he proceeded to do his little job on them.  They would perhaps feel the anguish of his previous victims as he was in the process of carving them up.  The museums more than likely would haft to pay big dollars for this main attraction it would cause in bringing in new art patrons.   They would get a first hand look at one of the worlds most sought after unknown criminals in history, what he looked like and painted straight from the mind and soul of one great artist.

 Hasn't this portrait always been called Vincent's portrait of a " Unknown Man", before it was just taken away from his oeuvre for no other reason than just saying it was not done in his style or using his techniques?  Maybe possibly for just not knowing who the hell he was.  Believe me, this is all they know about it, and it is now said that it was painted by some unknown talented artist there in Paris around that time period other than Vincent that had failed to sign it.


  This portrait above and just below has been a van Gogh before anybody really cared who in the hell painted it other than its owner. This portrait of this Un-known man was painted in 1886-7 in Paris France when Vincent was living there.  Vincent never really got along with Theo his brother all that much when living with him being his roommate. So because of that, Vincent made himself scarce while finding himself work to pay for his own lodging.  When he was in the presence of Theo, it seemed to Vincent he would always make his brother Theo prickle and tingle just being around him.  Vincent felt better about staying away at a little distance so to not cause these problems.

 When Vincent was in Paris, since Theo wasn't selling any of Vincent's works, Vincent would sell some, trade others, not signed of course, to help with his expenses. If he had signed them he knew he could loose his brothers help from their earlier agreement that they made with each other at the old mill. This was made before Vincent supposedly becoming an artist.  His bother Theo an art dealer agreed to manage him and his works he'd produce at the beginning of his artistic career to the end.  This is the reason why Vincent would only send his best works of art to his brother.  Vincent would remind Theo almost always of their agreement by the ending of his letters,... "with a hand shake,  your brother Vincent".

0559135900bThe Un-Known Man supposedly not by Vincent


This guy to the right is an age reduction enhancement of another guy who died in an American jail in the 1920's claiming he was Jack the Ripper.

 I don't really think I haft to elaborate all that much about who I know this guy happened to be on the left that Vincent painted in his portrait, while being Just maybe an acquaintance of his and I'd guess also of Vincent's lady model that lived close to him in her own apartment while Vincent was working at a Photography studio and his model worked at the Tambourine. Vincent was actually having a hard time in making ends meet, until finding this job working for a photographer in his studio their in Paris. I'm not really absolutely sure on Vincent's and his bothers Theo's situations on their agreements, but I do know it was awfully strained at times and there was not much Vincent was producing at that time for his brother Theo the art dealer and handler and not really all that much support coming to Vincent from Theo.

   This first picture above on the left is a composite drawing of Jack the ripper by a supposed eye witness there in London at the time of one of the first murders. The other is an age reduction of old man who had  died and is now a good suspect in investigators minds that think he could have been Jack the Ripper. It tell of how he had came to the USA and supposedly committed the same kind of murders. You be the judge of that, but I like my own theory better, and like I say, it looks rather doubtful that it could be Jack the Ripper who they think he is.  In their doing that job on the age reduction they think he is a dead ringer for the other drawing.  The hats Resemble each other a bit but you can't sway a jury with just that.  Well anyway give Vincent's Un-known man a hair cut and shave his chin, while putting that hat on his head, and bingo, who do you have,... good o'l Jack The Ripper.


The artist is said to be by Jeanne Donnadieu, but I say it was Vincent himself who painted this portrait of himself signing her as the artist so he cold have her sell them for him while paying her to sell them for him in the Tambourine as the artist.


This drawing was on the wall of Vincent van Gogh's and in this Chalk drawing of Vincent's that is presumed to have been by this lady artist the drawing represents,... Jeanne Donnadieu. I myself believe it to be Vincent's Live model he used himself for the other chalk drawings of her made by Vincent himself.


There is a large full photograph of her semi-nude more than likely taken by Vincent van Gogh when he work at the photography studio there in Paris.  This was one of Vincent's other jobs that he had taken on and was painting and enhancing large wedding photos of their newly married customers or wedding portraits on tin or digerati type large photos pictures.  Vincent did make money on the side, despite what is said, but we all can imagine where the money went,.... more than likely for more painting supplies and extra curricular activities.


Anyway getting back to Jack The Ripper killings of these prostitutes, the removal of body parts and the braking of bones, surely must have helped in hiding the identity of one of the murdered women.  Let's just assume it was to shock the viewers to where some of the people seeing this terrible and disgraceful act  that knew her or him would not put it together, and she wouldn't be recognizable to any that knew them.  The gals face was mutilated beyond recognition and dissected apart pretty well while being positioned in some kind of a pose to where most would not even be able to look at her to recognize her if they even knew who she was.  Let us just assume this could have possibly been Jeanne Donnadieu, or even a friend of hers. If it were Jeanne, the thought to be artist of the two portraits of her along with the one of Vincent, and then her just dis-appeared off the face of the earth, just how could that be?.  She might have ran away from Jack back in Paris for some reason or another, maybe just to save her own life.  Again let us assume her going back home to London to get away from him by taking back her real name in stead of her stage name used there in Paris.  We all know that women in that line of work hardly ever used their real names.







This chalk portrait is the man that was in Jeanne's life cause you can see the same portrait above in the shoulder lace of one of her portraits done by Vincent. This chalk portrait that's from my collection came from a portfolio from a European  eBay seller of an un-known artist.  I had bought these works of art on eBay some time back.  I would only have bought these work only knowing them to be of Vincent's own hand and of his work of art.

Some would say that Vincent could have been Jack the Ripper but the time line just doesn't fit, but that ain't saying he didn't know who he was and took it with him to his grave.

As most know by reading of these crimes and of the killing of these professional women prostitutes, they were not attack sexually to where they were raped, but only killed for being prostitutes.  It was kind of like a vendetta of sort, say like for maybe contracting an incurable disease at the time like syphilis, and then putting the blame only on the women of the profession. Anyway this conclusion would surly explain why and where this lost little lassie had disappeared to, never to be heard of or seen again. I'd say personally that Agostina Sagetory could have definitely been responsible for the sale and of these works of art left at her establishment of the Tambourine and later being entered into these art salon where they were entered in and sold.


This happens to be a Portrait of Agostina Segatory the Italian Girl-friend of Vincent's at the time of this portrait being painted by Vincent van Gogh.

This is the foundations own X-ray

I do believe Vincent had talked a bit about the financial difficulties Agostina was having with the Tamborrine Bar &  Cafe.  Let's us continue to assume that when possibly losing the cafe, she herself had a hand in selling these works of art left by Vincent and supposedly Jeanne the artist who flatly disappeared. Just maybe Agostina was responsible for entering them into art exhibits as them belonging to hers and representing the lady artist she probably knew who went back home to london to get away from the excitement of the Paris night life.  Her knowing this all the time who had painted them, Vincent and Donnadieu out of the was pretty much gave that Italian crook Agostina free rein. Her painted portrait by Vincent is signed Gost or Yost was more than likely one of Vincent's trick signatures of Gost out of the name of Agostina for short.  All these works were more than likely entered in salon art shows and sold as amateur art of these artists salons and art shows. Vincent did say say he lost a lot of good art work in Paris when he left on a train for Arles, France



Signed "Ago Agostin",  and what does that signature tell us?  The mulberry trees, where Vincent and Agostina took a boat ride for a secluded picnic. Well, it is all right there in front of us, low and behold there they happen to be, under that mulberry tree or should I say next to the trunk of the tree embracing one another with the boat tied up in the distance behind them.


 Moving this blog forward from September 07 2012 almost 3 1/2 years ago. Cheers!


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Wednesday, December 23rd 2015

11:06 PM

French artist Camille Corot painting of two lovers

Believed to be painted by Corot along with being the artist self-portrait of himself and his young girlfriend.

Somewhere along the line this beautiful paintings signature was played with and signed over the top of the original signature that probably faded or wore off from people touching the signature with their fingers. This does happen far more often than most would expect, just as so many paintings of this world are wrongly attributed. This usually happens when the paintings get older, hard to read and while some think that is what they see and resign, or sometimes they are just down right crooks and sign their own name while claiming the painting as there own. I would guess this painting by judging the age of the two young people, Corot could have been in his early twenties while she was a bit younger.  If I'm correct that would make this probably being painted around 1818. Corot was born in 1796 so you do the math.


Well, I believe it's time to convince myself along with a few others of what I believe this painting to be of.  In looking at a few of these signatures on some of the works in my collection, which very seldom I can read or make out what they say, or even what artist's name they happens to represent, it amazes me how many are not known among the great artists of fine art.  I ask myself,... why not,... why can't a person paint one great painting and never paint another?  I know that this has happened before in history,... because I own one painted by one very famous person, one who was never known to pick up a paint brush and try his hand at painting. This is as far as the experts of this persons museum knows,.. for they have told me this in just a few word in one short sentence,.... but at the same time not leaving out the possibilities of a donation to their museum.

This painting below is signed as far as I'm concerned and say P.T. Barnum 56 and depicts all of his clowns working for his Barnum & Baily Circus.  You can see yourself the big stage doors that they make their entrance to the paying public's view.  You see through these doors the light of the gas lights used to light up their big tent for the shows they were putting on. In the bottom right corner you can see the storage box the one clown is sitting on that spells out part of the word Barnum and you can surmise the rest yourselves. 

Yes this very large painting of Barnum's Clowns pretty much says it all.  How stupid our MFA experts really are. You would think after computer science finally takes over a few of their MFA jobs we just might have a few more brewers out their than we actually need.










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Thursday, December 10th 2015

1:50 PM

Me, My Brother and My Father's van Gogh. F-614


The van Gogh F-614

"A Conspiracy or just plain ignorance?"


All the writings in these blogs are of my own views and no one else, unless in "quotes" or taken from book contexts.

I have watch this video four times now, and I might add, one of the best documented films on Vincent van Gogh, "Me, My Brother and My Father's Van Gogh".  I will continue to to include this film many more times in my references.  It is a educational training film which was sent to me from Riverain Prod. Ltd. 205 Cordova St. Winnipeg. MB, free of charge, only to pay the postage.  I thank them for helping further my studies!

I have always been under the impression that tiles and accomplished achievement are something well earned and not just handed you on a piece of paper.  Well,... I say that it is time to bring out the truths instead of making every effort in keeping things as they are, by suppressing the truths.   It is as simple as that. 

Most all these photos were shot with my digital camera taken from my television while the video was in pause.  I hope that you will be able to put up with the blurring pictures and still be able to see what it is that I am hopefully getting across to you.

Vincent's trees should become understandable when Vincent himself alluded to his sunflower pictures as to symbolizing "gratitude".  Referring to the intensity in which he painted, and precisely in connection with the masterfully constructed paintings of the sunflowers.  He says that, face to face with nature, he is seized with such excitement as to fall into fainting (laughing) fits.  This excitement, he explains, is of the same kind as that is experienced by people when they are overcome with gratitude.  What exactly did he mean by this?  Indeed, when one really thinks about his Sunflowers and studies them, one can grasp what he really meant.

  Monica was 100% correct on the Monticelli thing which influenced Vincent van Gogh.

If most seeing this film cannot figure out in their own minds that this woman may have had many disagreement with these two people, about art, and by the way she didn't speak of them, not saying one thing about them.   I might have personally expected her determination to go as it did, along with the experts of the V.v.G. Foundation, whether it was pre-arranged or not. 

How this almost blind lady in her failing health, who makes absolutely no sense to me when she speaks could make her determinations that fast absolutely amazes me.  Especially after just barely being able to walk up to it for the first time seeing it and supposedly fooling so many other prominent art expert from the past before her irritates me to no end.  Maybe the Foundation should hire her to straighten out all their own miss-attributions.

One must wonder what a art expert, a supposed expert of fake van Gogh's meant when he told me in an email,  "There is no expert at the Foundation. Just two art historians in the Museum that became without any particular knowledge on Vincent (may be they knew his family name) became the best specialists in the world from one day to the other. The other scholars and the students are not better than them."

Monica's and Michael's Father & Grandfather de Jong's were in the art business their whole lifes as I understand it.   I am sure that the Art Historian Annet Tellegen-Hoogendoorm was not lying when she said that she had seen her father and grandfather on many occasions.

If most seeing this film cannot figure out in their own minds that this woman may have had many disagreement with these two people, about art, and by the way she didn't speak of them, not saying one thing about them to her.

H.P. Bremmer, along with J. B. de la Faille,  van Gogh expert's, believed that F-614 was a true van Gogh their whole lives the way I understand it.

Monica's and Michael's Father & Grandfather de Jong's were in the art business their whole lifes as I understand it.   I am sure that the Art Historian Annet Tellegen-Hoogendoorm was not lying when she said that she had seen her father and grandfather on many occasions.

If most seeing this film cannot figure out in their own minds that this woman may have had many disagreement with these two people, about art, and by the way she didn't speak of them, not saying one thing about them to her.



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Monday, December 7th 2015

11:59 AM

Vincent van Gogh water colors from the year of 1883 to maybe 1885

John Browne,... supposedly the artist of these two paintings, but on the contrary,... this church alter boy or decant, or what-ever, he was just the subject matter of these two Vincent van Gogh watercolors by the name of John Browne.  They were signed and reproduced and made into many prints later on down the road after Vincent had died or maybe this was Vincent great idea of making money when he drop out of school at Antwerp. Evidently if someone else made these they thought he was the artist since his name was on this first one. You notice how the second one is signed up in the air to where no artist in his right mind would sign such a work of art or unless Vincent put it their wanting to connect the two of them?

Vincent didn't really say too much about what he really knew about this incident happening in the churches fellowship. This little false tale was the main caused for him to be thrown out of his art gallery on the Catholic church grounds that he work so hard at getting it going.  But he could surely paint it for later on down the road and letting art viewers who could see know what really happened.  Vincent own eggs in this matter was all in one basket. Vincent had painted it here for his landlord Sharfrath or what ever his name happened to have been.

Where the hell do you think that o'l saying came from,.... John Browne, I'll Knock you down,.... not up!  That saying came straight from Vincent van Gogh when confronting this church bastard who was blaming Vincent for his own infidelities and not claiming his own flesh and blood.

more coming later.

Cheers vanrijngo

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