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Monday, February 16th 2015

9:05 AM

Anna and Willemina van Gogh and a couple of Vincent's drawings

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Friday, July 11th 2014

9:00 AM

Artist; Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn AKA Rembrandt (1906-1669)

I'm moving this article written in September 26, 2006 forward in my blogs.  Happy reading!

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn AKA Rembrandt, RHL, RH, R.


You think that you may own a painting by Rembrandt?  Well,... think again,... you do have another thought a coming.  They say they authenticate, appraise, research and issue certificates of authenticity (COA) and provide free consultations for all paintings by Rembrandt?  Who exactly do they think they are trying to kid!  I'll tell you personally from my own experiences,... it's all bulshit,... and a big load of crap!  This is all a big money game my friends,... and if you don't have the money,... you cannot play the game.  Simple as that!
 For centuries now, most all of the so-called MFA experts and ones of today have been in my own eyes and I'm sure other's, the biggest art lying thieves,... the biggest know nothings who ever they are representing themselves as art experts.  A little crude wouldn't you say?  Well my artistic friends,... I'm not backing off,....  I'm convinced for nothing else but,...  very good reasons.

The Prodigal Son in the Tavern, Rembrandt and Saskia & whoever else that may be there.

You take this painting by Rembrandt and dissect it.  You ask yourselves, what exactly is this painting telling us? That he was celebrated in his own time, and very early on?  Hell no! If you believe that, then you probably collect Pee Wee Herman Dolls and think that Pee Wee was great person himself while helping you by occupying your kid's minds and attention, when you had no time to give them of your own .  There is too many lies in this world and too much mind conditioning.  A Prodigal Son in a tavern would not give a damn who he would hurt,... not even his wife Saskia, her head is in the background looking back,... to see her husband with another woman in his arms sitting on his lap.  You should see yourselves that would be one gigantic behind sitting in his lap with that small head on its shoulders looking back.
 They say when he was only 20 years of age in 1627,... not only did he have his own studio, but he was taking-in apprentices who paid for the privilege of studying under his tutelage. His fame never diminished, and if anything has only grown with the passing of the time.  I say  in our complete history of art there has not been an artist built up and torn down as this artist. It seems as though to me,... that any of the so-called expert can say just about anything they want to say about him that comes to their own minds of course.  Then,... expecting people to believe what they say.
  Can't experts just tell it like it really was,... when knowing they can read one of the best known real accounts and documented writings about this artist life,.... from the notes and the accountabilities from the diary of one of his closest friends,... Dr. Jan van Loon?  What a wonderful book to have been preserved and translated for the world to read,... and Oh,.. by the way,... considered by the MFA experts to be nothing but fiction.
I believe this to be a oil painting by RHL of Dr. van Loon representing Faustus who gave his soul to the devil for a life of magic. Van Loon was the person giving rembrandt the mixture for the elexer that was administered to Saskia his wife over a period of time before her death. You should be able to see the skull behind him and to his right. He was Rembrandt closest friend and Doctor for both Rembrandt and his wife Saskia.

Portrait of a Young Girl

Yes, this is a very non-forgiving face of young Hendrickje,.... Rembrandt's mistress,.. who was stowed away in his house living as a chamber maid to help his house keeper, only very light duty. You can see the guilt on her face,... the sorrowfulness,.. the suicidal and crying eye look that doesn't really become her,... but yet tells us part of the full story that Rembrandt has left the world to see in his works of art with their own eyes,... if ever the people were able to learn to see on their own.
For as a painter with fame and recognition,.. comes copies and forgeries.  Shortly after he died in 1669, works attributed to him or bearing a false signature started to appear.  You bet! I can see them all now, let's all paint us some copies of Rembrandt's, for we can all travel down that same road to bankruptcy while not selling a son-of-a-bitching thing.  They say  It even got worse.  As soon as the painters of his day died out, anything vaguely resembling a Rembrandt fell victim to an early form of identity theft. What a bunch of bullcrap! They will have this artist down to less than 200 works of art if they continue as they have,... as you will read for yourselves later.
They say the names of other painters would be scratched out and replaced with fake Rembrandt signatures. The result was that some painters of Rembrandt's time did not seem to have ever painted anything at all, because all their paintings were attributed to Rembrandt. Yes,.. this is very much in the Dutch language and vocabulary, for I've heard it myself when at their Museum in Amsterdam,... "do you really believe Rembrandt was the only good Dutch artist", one curator said to me?  I just walked away in silence like I didn't understand what he said.
They say it was the Rembrandt vacuum-cleaner effect. If it vaguely looked like a Rembrandt, it became a Rembrandt.  Simon,... where are you?  Copies were also sold as originals and countless forgers produced paintings in the Rembrandt style.  Well, I'm sure we all know this,.. and just as they say,... copies,... for as Vincent van Gogh had written to his own brother, "The majority of Dutch artist's has no imagination and can't invent anything in art,"....  but what they are good at is ship building and distilling & building dikes.

Portrait of a Family
I thought I might share with the viewers one of my own discoveries of Rembrandt's works of art "Family Group", supposedly painted in 1666-68, oil on canvas which is in the Herzog Anton Ulrich-museum.  I don't know how many of you have ever heard or recall the story told of Rembrandt, while he was painting a family's portrait while the family was still sitting for him, that he had painted his monkey that had just kicked the bucket onto their canvas while the sitters were present.
   Well,... anyway,...  this happens to be the painting in question of which his dead monkey was painted into.  It is very easy to be seen by some when pointed out to them.  Let just say for instance,  if your own pet monkey was to die in the exact same circumstances, and you were him, how would you place you dead monkey for his final portrait? Would you lay him on his belly face down or tie him from a rope hanging from the rafters,... No,.... you more than likely would have done exactly as Rembrandt did, lying his pet across some soft materials softly on his back in a way that he could paint him into this painting's canvas to where it could be hidden, and at the same time, still be seen by himself.
Now after saying this,... let us examine this fine work of art that was left partially un-finished, according to some experts.  The un-finished part is the head of the household who had jumped around this large canvas against Rembrandt's rules, to discover his own suspicions what he'd thought he had seen.  He refused to accept the painting with the dead monkey painted onto the canvas, and Rembrandt proceeded in throwing their family out of his house.  True story!  Now if we look close, there is only the head of the head of the household.  You might say that is one marvelous looking hand painted right under the nose of his oldest daughter.  Do you think it is possible that Rembrandt might have been making an artists statement here?
To locate this very close friend of the artist, one must use ones imagination, to comprehend what was just said and will be said,... to possibly be able to see Rembrandt's dead Monkey he had painted into this painting of the "Family Group".
Are you ready Freddy?  Just imagine two little monkey's eyes still half opened gazing off into no where land, with his little monkey arms and paws folded around the back of his neck used as a pillow.  His body lies motionless as his little thin legs are draped over the lady of the family's thigh.  This not well known about hidden phenomenon just happens to be under the ladies hand and arm, and added into the little girls skirt, utilizing her shoe, and the ladies skirt with his other paw on the other side of his head.  Can any of you see the monkey now?
Image Verification Failed
Monkey is outlined in yellow.
I've found the story,..here it is below.
One of his earliest biographers, Filippo Baldinucci, who based his writings on the testimony of one of Rembrandt's pupils, wrote, "After it had become commonly known that whomever wanted to be portrayed by him had to sit to him for some two or three months, there were few who came forward." Another early biographer, Arnold Houbraken, recounts how, when he was almost finished painting a portrait of a couple and their children, Rembrandt's monkey (part of his increasing collection of curiosities) died, and he memorialized it by including its carcass in the family portrait. The clients could not abide this, but "the effect produced by the corpse so impressed the artist that rather than remove it to satisfy his clients he left the work unfinished."
 I often ask myself,... why are the so-called art experts so reluctant to establish truths of new discoveries about what is documented and written down about some of these artists from their biographies and known happening that had happened in the artist's life time.  In rolling this over and over many times in my mind, I can only come to a few conclusions of my own.  A person would think that new findings and discoveries of the masterful painters would be welcomed by the supposed more knowledgeable ones.  On the contrary,.... they are not welcome!  I wonder why?
You take this Rembrandt "Family Group" painting for instance,... the only family group which happens to be in existence today at this present time, and as you hear and read this story, it makes many wonder why it was not discovered before.  Most Rembrandt experts in the past and present have contributed this story to fiction and just hear say.  Now some fool like vanrijngo comes along,... messes with their minds,... tells them exactly where they are at being the so-called experts that they are known to be, and mean while,....they have absolutely no comment to make.  Totally amazing wouldn't you think?
Oh my God, ... if this happens to be true, then how can the dating of the time of it's painting be so far off in Rembrandt's oeuvre by the earlier colleagues of theirs.  We cannot see this or except this in any way they would more than likely say,... if they would say anything at all!  This discovery would mean that this painting was painted while Rembrandt was still living in the house he and Saskia had bought in Amsterdam, before his bankruptcy in 1656-7. 
 This discovery should help in telling us exactly how supposed art experts handle new discoveries and just how many possible fraudulent copies of the master painters there may be in museums and private collections around this world.  Don't the most of you think it is about time to have computers and new scanning technologies straighten this whole mess out and get the true facts and rightful artists accredited to their own art work, since the computers don't know how to lie. 

In New York alone, US Customs records show that 9,482 Rembrandts were imported in the US between 1800 and 1850. By 1860, between Europe and the US, perhaps as many as 15,000 collectors and institutions believed they owned an original and authentic Rembrandt painting. Eventually, some art scholars went to work and by the late 1800s the list of authentic Rembrandts stood at around 1,000. Then, Valentiner reduced it to 690. Abraham Bredius went over all the Rembrandts again and by 1935 we were down to 639. Gerson continued cleaning up and arrived at a reduced total of 419 authentic Rembrandt paintings in 1968.  Now we have a Simple Simon working on killing some of his other assumed gregarious ones.

Science and scanning techniques is inconsequential, it is subjective intuition & instinct they (MFA's) say! - Wednesday, November 2nd 2005 4:31 PM

Paysage D’Orange

This same year, a small group of six historians known as members of the Rembrandt Research Project, embarked once again on the project of reviewing all of the works attributed to Rembrandt, as well as those attributed to his students, followers and studio. Within a relatively short time, traveling in teams of two they looked at all 600 works, worldwide.

Man in a Gold Helmet
"The art of getting down on" MFA expertise! - Thursday, October 20th 2005 3:22 PM
The project received great publicity when the first two of the projected five reports were published but it started to run into controversy with the publication of volume 3. By then, 122 paintings formerly attributed to Rembrandt and another 12 on which the research team could not reach an agreement had been rejected.

Bathsheba with King David’s Letter

Criticism of the Rembrandt Project reached hysterical proportions when advance reports were made public, of what the conclusions of the next 2 and final volumes would be. A reassessment of the entire Rembrandt oeuvre was in the works.


Decipherment of Rembrandt's Dr. Faustus
In this etching above of Dr. Faust we see the same representation of his good friend Dr. van Loon. This anagram unvails the secret of the elexar that was administered to his wife Saskia for her early departure of this world. You just have to know what it's telling us and how we are supposed to look at it.  First it shows us a mirror like object of how we are supposed to read the anagram.  Again as we can see something looks to be running into some kind of a container or pale so the lodgical thing would be to turn it clockwise a quarter turn not be spilt. Then we can continue to read what it looks like it says in the mirror.

Ragla + tetrama + ant sadla, three poisons that make for a real good X with a circle around it and the four letter standing for the MILK in the pale that the Finger is pointing to..

In this little ink drawing of his sick wife Saskia you can see what was on the artists mind in the folds of the covers hanging off the bed. If you need help in seeing this just think of a pluck chicken.

At this point, opposition to the Rembrandt research Project became so strong that in a growing number of articles, studies and lectures, the conclusions of the research Projects were taken apart, dissected and rejected. Four out of the five members (one had died) of the Rembrandt Research Project resigned together, saying they couldn't agree as to how to proceed. Volumes 4 and 5 were not published.

Here below we have an etching of a wedding couple being introduced to the grim reaper. With feathers in their hats I think we should know who is represented here.

You can see the the added little lines I thought he had left out and needed to be there in the bottom one to tell us the full story. I don't think I haft to elaborate about this.

The reality of what happened is not that the RRP (Rembrandt Research Project) members were being overzealous, but former “Rembrandt” owners were very upset to find out that their work wasn’t as valuable. Some prestigious museums were told that five or six of their Rembrandts were not Rembrandts, and therefore had lost out on a great deal of money and made them look less reputable. This is to say that opposition to the RRP was largely the result of wanting to protect investments, reputations and pride. Basically, those who had a "Rembrandt" banded together and gangged up on the six RRP experts.
Well, I will venture to say that possibilities is no longer,... it's a little late in trying to save the supposed humanities of this world.  The big money aspects will continue to distort truths, and we'll all continue on in that spiral that will eventually prove to everyone,..... that hell is right here on this earth.
I Believe it's getting close to the hide and seek game. - Monday, September 19th 2005 4:58 PM

A Turk

A fact rarely mentioned, is that the RRP, or its former members, have approved and authenticated new Rembrandts, such as the Irish owned Hot Cockles (La Main Chaude) and a couple others. This demonstrates, if need be, that the RRP was not out to slash Rembrandts and to reject authentic ones, for the sake of it.

La Main Chaude

Authentic Rembrandt paintings now stand at barely 300.

A Scholar

You may well own a Rembrandt, particularly if no one ever thought your painting was a Rembrandt; several have been re-discovered and authenticated in the past few years. On the other hand, if your family has had a "Rembrandt" since the 1800s you could be in for some bad news, the next time someone goes through the list again.



Rembrandt, Oh how I've loved you so-
You painted me on canvas to make me look so beautiful
You promised to love and cherish me
and that I'd always be your honey,
but deep down inside my heart,... I felt it was all for money.

My parents were rich and famous, you knew that would bring you status and fame.
You changed my name from van Uylenburgh to van Rijn, never to be changed again.
I've had four of your children 1635-41,
now only poor Titus survives, the other three died so very young...

Now, I lie here dying myself, can't breath, some unknown disease,
Doctor van Loon checks on me, he brings me medicines to help me sleep.
He tells me how beautiful I am at 29,
Don't worry my dear, you look better today, surely you will be fine.

But,... I could tell by the look that was in his eyes,
he was just trying to comfort me -- with his little white lies.
I know that I am dying,... and it will probably be soon,
I know that I cannot be helped,... not even by Doctor Van Loon.

I feel I've been slowly poisoned by you my dear, your mistress, the housekeeper, too.
I can see it,... it's in you paintings,... also in the drawings and etchings you do.
You haven't given me much credit,... you've always thought that you were smarter than I.
Well, I have a little surprise for you my dear,...You will receive it after I die.

I still love you Rembrandt -- Saskia

We research, attribute, authenticate and appraise works by Rembrandt. Please email large size, high definition, digital pictures, dimensions and what you know about the painting. We will let you know what we think of your painting and also suggest what should be done. http://www.artexpertswebsite.com/pages/artists/rembrandt.html
vanrijngo:   If you believe what has been said in the past and is still being said at this present time involving the art authentication process, then you probably think it is a good thing that computers will never be used primarily to determine truths about art authenticity.   The so-called experts of artist Foundations are the ones who are mostly in charge in this art world.  Now, just think about what I have to say;  Do you believe in your own minds and wildest dreams that these MFA experts (so-called) are going to allow newly discovered works of art of these expensive artist's works that they are supposed to be representing, as truly being from the artist' hand in question?  Of course not,..that is if the art work belongs to you.  Why?  Very good question,.. when my findings bring out the many reasons why they do not bring to light many or should I say any newly discovered works of art and why they make it their # 1 rule not to let anything newly found enter the art market.
(1) The very first reason will astound you.  I have found because of the many fraudulent copies of these particular artists works, and of the possible ones that they the Foundation experts have in the past already signed their names to as being authentic would bring back questions of true authenticity.  Most well known and high priced artist's have already been re-produced so much it would be to questionable for that particular artist to have done so much work in his or her life time.
(2) This is going to get really good and right down to the brass tacks of truths.  Next reason I will give is straight from the mouth of a MFA expert of Vincent van Gogh Sun Flowers, or should I say straight from the horse's ass.  "If the art market is to remain the same, the automatic "NO" will remain the rule."  Now after hearing this, how confident are you or would you be of the expert's opinions and determinations, possibly of the pieces of art you have submitted to them in the past and would like to submit to them today.
(3) I'm going to leave these numerous reasons at these minimal three for now,... not to add so much as to confuse you.  My last reason will be from well published quotes from one of the 20th century considered greatest and high priced artist,....  mainly speaking of Picasso,... and his quotes goes as follows;  "Museums are full of lies, and people who make art their business are mostly impostors."  "Give me a museum and I will fill it".  There are so many work of art in private collection from the same known masters, if all counted up together with what is in museums and collections from around this world would mean most every artist would had to have painted as fast as Vincent van Gogh did, only the experts have slowed Vincent down for his count to coincide with what is known.
  My biggest question today that no one seem to have an answer for,...  if all these popular, mostly starving artists did the majority of their art work for their family run estates and the elite, why is their so much of their works of art in questionable collections and family estates, all the while not knowing their real value, and most every times of one coming to light,.... it being considered by the MFA expert's as to being a copy or fraudulent ones?  They make laws today or would like make them enabling them to burn up all the copies. Well,... I'd have to say they had better start with burning their own,... instead of destroying the artist's originals.
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Thursday, May 22nd 2014

9:18 AM

Another LOOK at a older post of vanrijngo's

originally posted at Rabble Rousing Fool on 07/26/2007

That's Life, as Sinatra would have sung it!

That's Life, and their little ups and downs.
Well,... my art loving friends,... what do we have here?  Japanese art for the mind & soul?  Didn't Vincent himself like this style of art form?  Really?  Well then,... let us have a closer look at it,... in a different way,... more than likely the way that Vincent himself would have looked at this work of art.

A rainy day in someones short life span.
That's life,... and sometimes death.
Martial arts,... or is it some other kind of art form indicated in this work of art? Say like a sour marriage, or a bad girl friend relationship of sort.  Hasn't this been the question in sx-lovers minds for centuries,... from all of mankind?  How do I get this woman off my back when they just won't leave on their own accord?  Well,.. I'd say the artist,... who ever he might happen to have been made one hell of a statement here in this work of art. Wouldn't some of you surmise this who are able to see this happening that just might be going down. 
  For most all who view this work, they don't really see it,.. spewing out what was in the artist's thoughts at the time, controlled by his subconscious,.. and at times are able through their own eyes to actually see it as they the artist's sometimes sees in his works after the completion.   It also sometimes enter into the subconscious minds of  the viewers,... through their minds eye and only consider it's a little repulsive,... but others see it as quite fitting,... as to refer to their own situations,.. in life's little ups and downs,... resulting in,... sometimes,... a big mishaps for their own irrational behaviors.
Wouldn't some of you consider those are cute little red clodhoppers she is warring,... along with that pretty Kimono as he is considering what he is going to do .
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Tuesday, May 6th 2014

11:45 AM

Rembrandt, The Wedding Couple Being Introduced to The Grim Reaper

A little story hidden, while being exposed in Rembrandt's etching of the wedding couple.

Oh such a lovely etching Rembrandt had done here representing this beautiful young wedding couple. They look to becoming introduced to the Grim Reaper.  You might even say it represent himself and his new bride Saskia.  While saskia is filling her glass to have a little toast with this awkward looking fellow, what would you think Rembrandt would be dreaming about with that dreamy look on his face?

This etching is signed by Rembrandt I believe to confuse the viewers on which date it was actually created. Some would say 1634, while others would say 1639, while asking themselves was it created in their wedding year or was it created closer to his wifes own death of 1642?  The year 1639 was the year of their purchase of the new house on the Breezestraat.  What ever, it makes no difference what date because I'm sure myself it weighed heavy upon his mind right from the beginning of their marriage.

While I myself was admiring this etching I began to think that he had left it unfinished.  What was that dreamy look on his face for?  this was while Saskia was going to toast with the Grim Reaper?  So I took it upon myself to draw a couple of squiggly lines to where I thought it looked rather bare.  Then as you can see for yourselves how this etching had started to come together as for it real meaning.

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