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Saturday, March 7th 2009

12:48 PM

Now here are some hands that Durer would paint. "Moved forward from March 7th 2005"


untitled2.jpg (20890 bytes)


Attributed ?  In this painting you should be able to see and feel what this artist had done while looking at the crackatures in the paint and determine it age while holding it. You would see the actual construction of the panel and feel its weight while being able to examine it to the fullest.  Also you are able to see that his gloved hand is holding his other glove from the un-gloved hand which looks to be more normal for a artist hands to be painted,--- not in some sort of contortionist looking painful way, especially since they happen to be the hands of the artist in question.


New Discoveries Art

I have been a art collector for over 25 years, and plan on selling off quite a few important pieces of art, so be sure to bookmark this site for further details.  Some have been in my collection  for years!  Some will be newly acquired pieces bought on the Internet with-in the last few years.   I do not plan to quit making new purchases, if I like what I see, and the price is right.

hands.jpg (1574 bytes)

Now here are some hands that Durer would paint.


durerstudy1.jpg (9088 bytes)             durerstudy2.jpg (7880 bytes)

fakeiDurer_26(1).jpg (13530 bytes)                 durerfake2.jpg (7134 bytes)


amasing1.jpg (9222 bytes)              amasing2.jpg (7898 bytes)

   In looking at these two different self-portraits in comparison done about five years apart makes one wonder why when seeing how much they come to resemble each other in positioning.  You can almost take one head off and stick it on the other and same thing for the hats, hands, and use the twig in place of the folded material, minus the window which could be added to the other painting real easily.  You might also note the shape of the hand in the earlier painting which seems to more or less coincide with the latter, as far as the copyist was concerned anyway.  I'd assume the supposed first portrait was painted by Durer and the copying artist could have possibly seen these hands to go by in painting the second portrait since they can't create something on their own.  Just look at how the lines of the folds match the twig as far as shadows and shape. It makes one wonder how much copying really went on through the centuries and what is real an what is not.  Computers and scanners of this present time and the future, if used properly, will eliminate this whole problem while bringing back truths to the arts.

bkground1.jpg (33721 bytes)

These are some of my enhancing studies I have done for you to see a little of what it is that I am saying.  If you notice in the middle bottom picture you can actually see the gloved hand that is holding the glove with his bare hand and thumb rapped around it. In the painting of the eyes you can see where one of the previous owner of this painting took it to a supposed MFA expert.  You can see with your own eyes what this MFA supposed  art expert had done to this painting supposedly with a sharp object he had in his hand,... before handing it back to its owner, as he more than likely said; " Those are not eyes of Durer and that painting needs to be destroyed." When I see a painting like this and can hold it in my own hands and look at with my own eyes, there is a feeling that comes over me that is unexplainable. Now, the one that needs to be destroyed is that copy of a Durer etching of the same subject matter that happens to be hanging in the Prado Museum.

bkground2.jpg (29934 bytes)

These are some more of my enhancing studies I have done for you to look at.  If you notice in the middle bottom picture you can actually see the how the assumed copier did these hands and painted them as he had seen them himself, more than likely from an etching, and knowing or hearing that a painting was done of the same portrait and was missing.  I will challenge anyone who thinks that they can get their own hand into this position without braking their God Blest thumb.  Don't forget to put that big bend in your wrist first before trying this maneuver with your thumb.

durerstudy.jpg (31058 bytes)

These photo studies above and the writings below are  examples of my studies.

Take-em, or leave-em.

  I know these pictures and my writings might seem strange to most of you, but believe me, some of what is excepted by MFA experts seem mighty strange to me also.

     Here is something else that sure seems strange about those two supposed Durer's on the top left.   Even though the supposed five years age difference of these two paintings, the one that was painted first with the open hand must have helped the copier to do more of his magic on his copy.     Then in turning his body just a bit and adding the folds in the material to more or less coincide with the twig pattern  in the first portrait painting. 

    Isn't it strange what people see and do not see with there own eyes, and even the copiers, what they see and don't see either, differently than the original artist.  I guess the experts that let this portrait slip through was too intrigged with those suspicious looking eyes, looking just like their own.  There is absolutely no way that Durer, being the artist that he was, would have ever painted himself with this deformed hand,  after the five year younger version, and to make sure his hand, should I say screwed up, 1/2 of a glove on his hand with his bare thumb laying over his other in a way that it just will not lay- and then to add such beautiful handwriting and signature just above one of the biggest screw-up in art history.  I really hate to insinuate that the copying artist could have been someone like Rembrandt, for his first partner in a art studio in Amsterdam was his wife Saskia's cousin who infact was sent to prison for selling copies of Durer and other masters of that time.  I would not put it past Rembrandt for doing such a thing, for he wasn't all that much of a gentleman of his times as I have found in my studies.  Hands were one of Rembrandts biggest problems in painting and in a lot of paintings and portraits he would leave the hands obscure, so you see, what would be worse if this were true-  Having a fucked-up copied portrait painting of a Durer etching by Rembrandt, or possibly a screwed-up painting by Durer.


Idonthinkso.jpg (15117 bytes)

       Maybe Durer had a deformed hand, or possibly had a complete mind fade of how to paint hands, or just maybe he painted his own hands just as you see them, possibly saying to himself,... there,.. that should puzzle the hell out of the copiers, MFA experts, and viewers of the future,.. I'll just call that finished, .... and there goes my painting career if they happen to see this now!   If not true,.. then I would say Durer didn't paint that second portrait painting,... no way.  

twig.jpg (19241 bytes)   

After looking at these hands of Durer, and comparing to others, you will probably ask yourself,.....now how was it possible that the other portrait of Durer made it by the MFA experts sureties of hands on inspections and expertise.

compare3.jpg (57426 bytes)

I really don't know what more I could say.  Does that look like a thumb to you?


Which one of these portraits would you rather own and display yourself as the art lover you are considered?

compare5a.jpg (27724 bytes)

If I am barking up a wrong tree,.... someone please tell me.

compare5.jpg (21537 bytes)

Is there no wonder why this world of ours is so screwed up?

compare6.jpg (44848 bytes)

Does these pictures show us the correct age of this work of art, or is it something we just have to ignore.

compare7.jpg (21538 bytes)


Negative.jpg (31405 bytes)

In looking at this negative enhancement, is this something that you would think that would reappear in other works of art done by Durer using computer science and scanning abilities?

signatures.jpg (39809 bytes)

signatures1a.jpg (39443 bytes)

Isn't it amazing to the most of you, that the supposed original works of art that surface out (not in) of the museums seem to always be considered by MFA experts to be the inferior work, and not done by the particular artists?  Don't most of you know that this world is ran by just a few, and the rest are just sheep in the flocks?   It makes one wonder, just how is something like this possible to continue, especially with modern break through of new found knowledge and technology, along with better communication throughout the whole world.  The game has always been played like this,... he who in the end who has the most toys,.... WINS!



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Posted by Robert Miller (vanrijngo):

You would have thought artfakes.dk Mr. Preben J. Madsen would have had a closer look at these pictures before opening his mouth and not to mention the door. ;)

Tuesday, February 7th 2006 @ 1:11 PM

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