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Tuesday, January 13th 2009

12:30 PM

These `lost' Van Goghs supposedly reignited row over authenticity,.. of five more years of silence?


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Exhibition of `lost' Van Goghs reignites row over authenticity
James Morrison Arts
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Forty pictures reputed to be "lost" Van Goghs are to go on public display this week in an exhibition that will throw open one of the longest-running and most acrimonious controversies in the art world.

With this statement above about these forty pictures mentioned  by these so-called Vincent van Gogh experts from this Breda Museum exhibition from this little Dutch community, you would think the pictures would be made available to the art loving  public and the rest of us other van Gogh enthusiasts to view and be able to see for ourselves.  Let us make our own determinations if we think they might have been painted by this artist.

A museum in the Dutch town of Breda will unveil chalk drawings, sketches and paintings their owners believe were among hundreds of pictures abandoned by the artist when he left his family home five years before his death.

Most van Gogh fans  would  think this to be fantastic news, for back in 2003, these museum experts looked like they were on the right tracks and going in the right dirrection.  Now at this present time it does makes one wonder, exactly what had happened in these last five years since these forty pieces of silver,... oops,.. I mean supposed forty works of Vincent's fine art pieces had come to light.

The exhibition's launch coincides with the publication of a two- year study by the museum into their provenance. While stopping short of declaring them all bona fide, it is expected to raise the probability that a large number are, indeed, authentic.

In saying this with this exhibition  supposedly being launched, after their two year study, while stopping short of their declarations,... these works must have slipped right back into obscurity, with all these other three or four hundred works of art that will be mentioned later.

The findings will be fiercely contested by the artist's family and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, both of which consistently refuse to countenance the idea that a large number of works presumed destroyed or lost still exist in private hands.

Totally  amazing wouldn't you all think,... anything of this artists works getting past these MFA experts eyes, that seem to have managed to follow this artist around all over Europe, for the ten years that Vincent was known to have  painted.  While doing this, they must have also managed in buying and collecting up all of his works that he had not sent to his art dealing brother, while knowing how fast that he was known to produce them, while keeping anyone else from getting their hand on them knowing his great popularity.

With all these finding and allowing these publications into public view, where most can actually see,... excuse me,... I mean read with their own eyes,... to where these fine family members of the Vincent Ban Gogh foundation, and all their own MFA experts and colleagues are actually coming from,.... does have its tendencies to make some of us wonder exactly how the hell anyone believes a MFA thing that these people have to say.

Among the pictures to be included in the exhibition is The Diggers, an oil painting bought 10 years ago by Bouwe Jans, an Eton- based collector and gallery owner, at a local auction in Groningen.

With the information above we can  see pretty much exactly what may have been one of the main reasons for these acrimonious controversies now throw open.  Where exactly is all their provenance of these fine works of art that were sold in the past, and to who being their original owners?  Can any of you reading this actually make any sense to any of their own logic when looking at what they themselves have in their own collection.  Taking into consideration of the five years of silent treatment, that we all have been receiving over these works of art, along with the rest of the long running conflicts and disagreements concerning  Vincent's works of art in general, does make one wonder how the hell they can sell any work of art considered to have been painted by him..

Mr Jans, who divides his time between England and Holland, has published two books about the saga of the "lost" Van Goghs. In them, he attempts to trace the history of 400 or more pictures the artist is widely believed to have left behind when he moved out of his family home in the village of Nuenen in 1885 after a row with the local priest over his use of female models.

With this saga of lost works of art, they are actually just talking about approximately 40 days of  work of this artist's 10 year career,... according to them,.... and that my art loving friends is if they are just talking about oil paintings and not drawings or any other type of art work he was known to do.  As far as a row with a local priest, which by the way, caused Vincent's landlord to asked him to vacate the premises, was actually caused by one of the members of that churches congregation who had in fact Knock up one of Vincent models who happened to be a friend and a member of that church.  When Vincent confronted this asshole, is when the shit his the fan.

untitled9.jpg (17491 bytes)


Hey!... You Son of a Bitch,... before I knock your teeth right down your throat,... how about confessing up to your own flesh and blood?   Needless to say this church going bastard did not confess up and pay a private settlement like Bill O'Dilly did to keep it quite. Second lithograph; Are you sure you won't reconsider Mr. Schafrath,... for I just happen to have all my eggs in one basket.  In Antwerp when Vincent left Nuenen he had a lot of new ideas on ways to make money on his own.  Who knows for sure, maybe Vincent might have been the one who started that old saying, "Tom Browne,... I'll Knock Ya Down,... Not Up" or something of that nature.

 Kerssemakers maintained that it was the priest's influence that eventually force Schafrath to make Vincent leave his studio.

Art historians broadly agree that Van Gogh gave hundreds of his early works to his mother for safe keeping. However, opinion is fiercely divided over what happened to them after this - and most are assumed to have been lost or destroyed.

With this acknowledgment you would think that the MFA historians and experts could agree that not only these supposed four hundred works, but also show a little sympathy towards some of the rest he was known to either have given away, traded, and heaven forbid, even selling, and of course not informing his art dealing brother Theo of the sale,...  and not being signed like most the rest of his art works.  Many of his works of art were left in his dwellings when being locked out for non-payment of his bills and rent.  These happenings were mostly caused when his art dealer and brother Theo, who I believe was selling off some his works of art without telling Vincent,  would fail to send his agreed monthly support and art supplies for being his only art dealer .

However, Mr Jans remains convinced that his 47cm-by-61cm canvas, which bears the vaguely legible signature "Vincent" in the bottom right corner, is an original Van Gogh. He says he has a certificate of authentication signed by one of the world's leading authorities on the artist, the late Jan Hulsker.

With a painting displaying a faint signature of Vincent while in the same age bracket of this artist's works, while knowing in ones own mind exactly who is running this show at the Vincent Ban Gogh Foundation,  does have a tendency to make believers out of some.

"It's not just a story or a myth, but a fact, that Van Gogh left behind hundreds of pictures in Holland, where he painted for longer than anywhere else," Mr Jans said.

With all these stories and myths going around this MFA world, it amazes me how ignorant art people remain, and exactly how long some of these MFA experts think they are going to be able to remain in control of a business that they know very little about.  In making friends and influencing people, do you really think Dale Carnege could help me?

"My painting was personally authenticated by Jan Hulsker, and I also had it dated in London on the advice of the National Gallery, and ... there was no reason to doubt its being attributed to Van Gogh."

With all the expertise we have in this MFA world of our you would think that at least two or three could agree on a few things, but most are convinced of the old rules of the trade,..... you step on the wrong toes buddy,.... you're out of here!

Though there is wide disagreement about the present whereabouts of the pictures jettisoned by Van Gogh, certain facts about their dispersal are beyond dispute.

 With wide spread disagreements about the things which happened in this artist's life by the Vincent Ban Gogh Foundation, along with their practices, their silence, their ignorance when it come to looking at thing done by his hand,  in condemning everything as not of his works, only excepting the ones supposed to have been in the families collection and of theirs is as fraudulent as one can get. 

Four months after Van Gogh left his family home, his recently widowed mother is known to have moved to nearby Breda. In so doing, she loaded all her furniture and a wooden chest containing her son's pictures on to a cart, and they were subsequently taken into storage by a family friend, Adrianus Schrauwen.

With telling it like it was back then, they still find it hard to step on a few peoples toes.  One wooden chest to hold all these numerous works of art done by Vincent that were dispersed with is not just almost laughable, but a down right MFA lie.  It has been written in most history books and in Vincent's letters just how many chests were involved in this one happening out of his life and career.

By the time the Van Goghs tried to reclaim the chest in 1902, Mr Schrauwen, little realising their future value, had already given them away - throwing them in for free with two guilders of copperware he sold to a second- hand goods merchant.

With the failure to reclaim these works of art by the van Goghs and as popular as this artist's works they say was becoming, this guy who was left in charge by his mother was not all that trust worthy of a guy.  The only problem at the time of dicovery is that the paintings and works of art were not really worth much more at that time than what they were originally sold for off the carts at 5 to 10 cents a piece.

Of the hundreds of drawings the merchant acquired, he discarded many, while selling much of the canvas to a local rag shop. However, even at this stage, he is widely believed to have been left with about 150 loose canvases, 60 paintings on stretchers, 80 pen-and-ink drawings and 150 chalk drawings.

Considering 60 painting already on stretchers and 150 loose canvases,... it must not have left much room for those ink and chalk drawing also mentioned. That must have been one hell of a large chest and the amount of paper work really does amaze me sinse 95% of works of art were assumed done on paper.

Many of the paintings were eventually nailed to the merchant's cart and sold in dribs and drabs, along with the various drawings, for about 5 cents apiece.

When finding an authentic Vincent van Gogh today, nail holes could play an important part in many different ways for coming to holely concussions,... who exactly nailed them,.. and too where.  Not one MFA experts of the Vincent Ban Gogh Foundation will understand that statement without this explanation.  Wasn't  a few of his landlords in van Gogh books quoted as saying; "Vincent had one strange way of displaying his art work, and that was by nailing them to their walls.  Most of them would scream out in dispair and of alarm, Vincent,... God damn you, you are ruining my wall paper!"

However, it is only the final batch whose fate can be traced with any confidence. A Breda tailor, Kees Mouwen, bought several hundred works from the merchant - just as, posthumously, the name Van Gogh was starting to mean something.

With these batch of supposed final works of art,  being traced with total confidence of these several hundred works being bought by one single individual as stated,... does makes one wonder just how many buyers and sellers were actually involved in the total dispersal of Vincent van Goghs through-out those ten supposed years of his artistic career and how many works of art were really actually created by his hand.

Between 1904 and 1936, Mouwen sold much of his collection through galleries and auction houses in Rotterdam, The Hague, Brussels and Amsterdam. Though most are now recognised as Van Goghs even by his own estate, a further 200 or more pictures sold by Mouwen at flea markets vanished without trace.

With these facts as most the works belonging to this art collector and seller Mouwen and being sold in all these fine galleries and auction houses, of those other two hundred or more, surely some are out there somewhere and ready to be bought up by some unknowing art lover. 

The 40 images to be unveiled by Breda Museum this week are believed by their owners to represent a fraction of the Van Goghs that have hitherto been missing, presumed destroyed, for more than a century.

With this great unvailing you can't find these works of art anywhere let alone the description of where they came from and who the owners are other that just one belonging to Bouwe Jans, an Eton- based collector and gallery owner.

It will take more than an academic report, however, to convince the Van Gogh Museum that so many of the dispersed pictures have survived. A spokeswoman said: "Our collection department has looked at this and they do not think these are Van Goghs. But we are independent from the Breda Museum, and if they say they think they are, that's up to them."

With this great predidiction from this supposed spokeswoman who said their collection department has looked at this while not believing they are Van Goghs shouldn't surprize anyone after reading all this. After myself watching a educational film on a Vincent van Gogh painting F-614 "Me my Brother and My Father's Van Gogh" I'd be willing to put my own ass on the line and say without any reserve,.... their spokeswoman's first name I'd haft to guess could be Ella.  You have all heard of the big if's,..... well this is all about the big widths,... say like big ass lion groin going on around here.  http://www.vanrijngo.bravehost.com/page7a.html

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