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Monday, November 10th 2008

11:16 AM

Vincent van Gogh's works of art as a young child artist.

Vincent van Gogh's work as a child artist

Vincent van Gogh's work as a child artist continues to baffle the MFA van Gogh experts of the Vincent Van Gogh Foundation,.... along with all the rest of the MFA world.


by Bob Miller (vanrijngo)

 Vincent van Gogh early years as an artist continues to shows us his talents, but there was not one soul back then who believed that painting or having anything to do with art would become any part of this young mans career except possibly his brother Theo. Vincent van Gogh was known to pursued other various jobs, and it is very much forced upon us all in his biographies, telling us readers that art didn't really enter his life until the ripe old age of 27.   We hear this statement from these MFA experts all the time. 

 Well,.. little be knownst too them,... and I'm talking directly to these MFA experts,.. his very first job was in fact as an art dealer at the ripe young age of about 14 years,.. give or take a little.  After spending about seven years out of his young life as supposedly a janitor, chief bottle and window washer, along with staying out of our customers way saying,.... he was evidently fired by his uncle Cent,.... and according to Vincent's own colleagues, this was not going to be his profession.  

  As a clergyman, that came much later and after much pain, before deciding to become an artist at the age of twenty-seven, just as they would want you to believe. Only after Vincent turning his back on most his family members, his uncle Cent, his cousin Mauve and many of his own art colleagues throughout these ten years and his early gallery experience, excluding his art dealing brother, does he become the great artist and genius of the nineteenth century who was affiliated in the arts.  These rejections of his also included the rest of the religious organizations around this globe of ours,... even though he was the son of a clergyman.


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