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Thursday, March 20th 2008

12:24 PM

The full story of Sharin' Morningstar Keenan,... and 1 of supposedly Canada's Most Wanted Criminal Still.

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Re: Sharin' Morningstar Keenan
Sep 1, 2006 5:27 PM
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Sharin' Morningstar Keenan.

I'm very sorry for this families loss and how it has effected their whole family lives throughout this whole ordeal in the way the authorities have been looking for this little girls Killer. I'm in the hopes that this will alleviate any of their thoughts that this guy named Dennis M. Howe using many other aliases, who had committed this awful crime of one of their family members is still among the living. I'm afraid I'd have to say myself, since July of 1998, he very well is among the not breathing. I'll tell you my story and you can make up your own minds.

This is a true story that began in 1998 and has been on the internet for some time now.

Now at this date, we all ask ourselves,  is this criminal one of Canada's not so now Most Wanted Criminal still?  His profile has not been on the computer files of America's Most Wanted profiles of their wanted criminals since about two weeks after I had turned him in to them in 1998. Everyone of these people working on this old case and know anything about this case of Dennis Melvin Howe happening in Boise knows it is useless in looking any longer for someone who became more than likely bear food flying over the tundra on his trip back to Canada and likely is no longer among the breathing.

Most humanist are good people at heart and I thank you all for your time in reading this true story of mine. Do you really think that is it possible to see into the future?  Well,.... we all can see into the past, and I myself had a good experience of this where I was being a good citizen in 1998 to get a bad guy off the streets, this being if it were for sure who I had seen and thought I knew on America's most wanted T.V. program.

The T.V. program A-M-W had a complete new up to dated profile with a brand new sketch and drawing of what he look like at the time if you happen to see him, and that he was just missed being captured in the Washington area just earlier and had manage to get away from them going to Portland area on a bus. They said he was know to be in Portland and he boarded a bus and evaded them again.

Well,... as far as I am concerned it kinda back fired on me a little, because I became a person in question, by authorities, Channel Six New Reporter Mary Beth Walker, the FBI, Boise City Police, plus all my friends and family who thinks I went off the deep end because of my story, and myself going absolutely crazy and upset because of it not even being news worthy. As far as the news reporter, the Boise police, the FBI, the Homeless shelter, The AMW program, they all went silent on me and refused to comment or talk with me. I was told by two Boise City policemen if I knew what was good for me I had better just go home and forget it after telling the two of them what had previously happened while they were walking there beat. To be rather frank, anyone I tell this story to they think it is a strange story and is not true. This is what happens to one who claims to have original Rembrandt's works of art and Vincent van Gogh's in his art collection.

I know that I am the main cause and reason for this man to disappear, and for good reasons no less,... but that is besides the point.  I can only imagine him with not much time left for this world and able to think about his crimes on his way back to Canada. I'd guess possibly his might have had himself a fall which could have been fully nude falling from about 30 thousand feet or so without a parachute over the tundra.

This is only an assumption on my part since he was never heard of again.  The fact that his profile was taken off the AMW computer file of him only a couple of day after this incident occurred does tell a story of its own. I did manage to print out a couple of copies for myself on my copier and new computer I had just bought.  It was of his profile before they had taken the file completely off their AMW website. There is still plenty you can look-up when you Google Dennis Melvin Howe (Canada), but nothing on AMW website.

Well to tell you the truth, I had only knew this man for a short while. I had met him the previous week or so when he introduced himself to me as Tommy Ross out in front of a coffee house. After hiring him part time to help me and working with him in the mornings to be exact, before that one week-end I thought I recognized him from an artists drawing on Americas Most Wanted on a Saturday evening program. While I was at home in the evening, I was half-way asleep and listening to the description on AMW at 8 O'clock P.M. . While opening one eye to get glimpse at this figure of their drawing, I felt immediately as if I new this man I was looking at and abruptly opened both eyes.

You will most likely not understand how am telling this story and how I could recognize him from the drawing since it was so different from what he now lookwd like.  I am telling you I knew it was him almost immediately, that I had recognized this latest drawing that they showed of this criminal even as the composite drawing wasn't very close to what he looked like now at the present time. In everyone Else's eyes, you might say he wasn't even close for the average person to recognize him from the drawing, even if they had of him standing in front of them. The way he had changed his looks was a simple close shaven hair-cut. I myself had seen through it because at our first meeting at the coffee house he had longer hair and I remembered how he had looked when first striking up a conversation with me,... it was more like the drawing they had of him on the AMW program or should I say a perfect resemblance of it. It must have been when he first arrived in Boise coming from Portland.  This is when I seen this man that later on said to me; "I ought to kick your ass", and who called me "turkey" a little later after I said go for it.

The story begins after I had met this man named Tommy Ross, and as one can now see many more aliases I hear.  I asked him if he would like to look at my art collection at my New Discoveries Art Gallery on Main Street here in Boise, Idaho, where I was in the process of moving in some of my collection. I had just leased a basement small business location for a year to show my collection of art and was staying there on the week-days and going back to Nampa on the week-ends 17 miles away.  I was setting up the gallery early in a mornings when it was still cool and the fact that I needed coffee, this is where I first met Tommy Ross outside in front of the coffee house one block up the street.

In our first meeting he represented himself to being fairly well off, and was just moving into town from another state, I believe he said Washington, Seattle area. He was real friendly right away and told me of the split up with his wife and a sale and split of there business and property in Washington and he wasn't going to get his money right away. He did represent himself as a respectable person in need of work, so as I needed a little help at that time I thought that I would take advantage of his labor service as a minimum wage earner.

He had told me and said he didn't mind helping me for a couple of days and he seemed mighty happy to find a little work, even if it were just temporary until he was able to find himself a full-time job of his liking. After working with him for a couple of mornings, I got to know the motor mouth and his family from Canada I thought quite well. He finally leveled with me on his situation, and told me he was staying at the homeless shelter and was broke and was looking for work and a apartment to get out of the mission because he thought himself to be better than the majority of the people he had to live with there.

I agree with him because it was a real surprise and shock to me, and that he looked like he had a lot more on the ball than having to stay at a homeless shelter. He asked me if he could leave his suitcase at my art gallery for a couple of days and use the shower and the bathroom  for changing his close if I didn't mind. I told him I didn't mind.

After helping him pick up his luggage at a bus station locker where it was stored in a locker, I let him keep it at the art gallery. I said that it was fine with me for just a while until he found a job and a better place to stay and was able to get back on his feet.

We had become friends even though I was paying him for his help and was anxious for him to better his position in life and even took him around on his job interviews a couple of mornings. After getting to know him better and becoming more less friends, I brought him back with me to my home in Nampa and introduced him to my wife Nancy. My wife is Canadian and so was he, for I had heard all about his family there many times.

On one day before the weekend Thursday or Friday, we went to Fred Myers to buy some hardware for hanging pictures and I felt that he was walking on my heels, so once or twice I just stop dead so he would run into me, just for a joke. Then I also would make abrupt turns right or left because he walked watching his feet, therefore he would continue on straight until he figure out what I was doing. We just laughed about it then, but when we were back at the gallery alone, he look at me real serious, and said rather meanly; "I ought to kick your ass!" I looked him right in his eyes and said; Go for it M---. F---. He laughed and said; "You turkey" in more of a friendly manor.

He would shower and change cloths every night before heading back to the shelter for the evening which he had to be in close to 6:00 P.M. Needless to say, I wanted to be wrong of the bad vibes that I was receiving Monday morning when I met him at the art gallery where he was to work on a project for a couple of hours from 6 A.M. to 8 A.M. before I was to take him on a job interview.

While he would be working, I laid down on my cot in the back room for a couple hours of sleep as I had usually done while he was doing the odd jobs that I didn't want to do myself.

At eight o'clock he came in and woke me up to take him on his job interview. When we returned he had a bunch of papers to fill out and he threw them in the trash can as we walk in. I asked him why he didn't go ahead and fill them out,....... to work in a laundry would suffice until he found something better. He told me he needed to get his drivers license renewed in this state and it wasn't enough money for what he was expected to do. He and I left it as that.

As he opened up his suitcase he carefully pulled out a leather jacket, and he told me it was too large for him and had me try it on. It fit perfect, so I asked how much he wanted for it. He said since I was so good to him that I could have it for $30.00. I told him that I would give him $50.00 for it and pay him for the couple of hours work, but I had to go to the bank first to get the money and he was welcome to come along. It was a beautiful late June morning, so I told him that we would just walk, that it was only a few blocks away.

I was still un-aware of the type of crime and the details that he was wanted for at that time, because Of drowsing off during AMW's program and I was still not sure that I was going to call you know who. If I would have know it was for murdering a young girl I doubt very seriously if I would have been sleeping while he was in the next room.

I wanted to check a couple of things out for myself that I had heard on the A.M.W. T.V. show while partially asleep. I remembered they had said that he had walked with a definite limp that was prominent, and was last known to be in the Oregon or Washington area, I couldn't remember which, and that he stayed in boarding houses and missions and homeless shelters.

I felt that I should have a little more to go on before making a call to 1 800 CRIME TV, if you know what I mean. As we walked to the bank, I was a little more observant of how he walked and if he were to limp at all since that was to be one of this criminals characteristics. I would look in the window of the town store fronts as we walked through town an noticed that he would walk about 1/2 a step behind me looking down to make sure he wasn't limping as we walked taking short jerky steps and would look away from passer byer's and when we got to the bank I told him he could just wait outside and I would be right out.

When I came out, I paid him his money for his two hours of work and the $50.00 for the jacket and said to him, you could have came in if you wanted. He said that I asked him to wait outside or he would have. I said, yeah, I know, I just didn't want you to be caught on camera and have them think we were going to hold the place up, and he smiled. I asked him what he was going to do for the rest of the day since I didn't need him till 4:00 P. M. because of an appointment I had with my landlady. It had to do with the storage room in the back of my art gallery and I wanted her to move a bunch of her things out so I could use it. He said he was going to kill the afternoon at the library and at the park by the Boise river's green belt.

I had already pre-arrange on Friday for him to be back at 4:00 P.M. on Monday, So when I got back to the art gallery from going to the bank around 9:30 P.M. and leaving him heading towards the library and park I almost was sure that it could possibly be him. So I called 1 (800) crime TV, just as every good citizen with my sure feelings would have done. When I finally got through, it was around 10:15 A.M. or so and I had told the woman that answered the phone that I saw a composite artist drawing on AMW that could be a gentleman that I had just met here in Boise, Idaho at a coffee shop. I told her I had hired him to help me move in to my new art gallery and that he was staying at the homeless shelter community house here in Boise and was planning on being back at my gallery at percicly 4:00 PM to do another job for me.

After his hair color, height and assumed weight, I also told her about his smoking habits of one right after the other, and always talking about his family in Canada after he found out that my wife was Canadian. After saying that, she had asked the rest of her questions, and then she asked if I wanted to remain anonymous. I told her if it was not him, of course. She thank me and said that Denis Melvin Howe had committed the crime of murder and had evaded the Canadian authorities for 18 years, and was their "Most Wanted" and thanked me for helping to get this guy off the streets, that she felt sure that it was him from my description of him, and that she would get back to me soon. (which she never did)

Well, .... I am the type of person that doesn't normally like to get involve in accusations of others unless they happen to be true. I felt I had to pull up the file of AMW of Dennis Melvin Howe on my computer to read the crime that he might possibly be wanted for to see for myself what his crime was all about. This occurred after all this whole ordeal was all over with in a couple of days later. After reading the file I knew myself it was definitely him and they had pick him up at the Community center where I helped him move to earlier the previous week.

I then called the F.B.I. person Scott Nathan, whom I called once before when I left a message about possibly having some incriminating evidence that they more than likely needed to pick up from my art gallery that belong to this possible murderer Dennis Melvin Howe, alias Tommy Ross that I believed they had picked up a couple of night before. He past it off like it was not important and he might pick it up some time later. America's Most Wanted when I called them back told me that they had a line on him somewhere in the Midwest that he was still at large. The America's Most Wanted, The F.B.I., The Boise City Police Department, and the Channel Six new reporter Mary Beth Walker, the officials of community house all refused to talk to me anymore about this so-called non-happening. They would not give me a good explanation where my part time worker and supposed friend had disappeared to on Monday evening never to be seen again. He was just wearing a T shirt, pair of old Levi's and a worn out pair of tennis shoes when he headed back from the cactus bar to go to the community center that evening about 6:00 PM.

In reading his biography later after his supposed capture, it said that "You Turkey" was one of his favorite phrases. At 4:00 o'clock, when alias Mr. Tommy Ross arrived back at my gallery, I had a supposed customer out in front of my gallery. This was around the time that I told the lady at A.M.W. he was due to come in to do a job for me, and that he was never late and always on time. There was a man that had arrived 10 minutes earlier supposedly to show me and try to sell me some antique musical posters from early bands out on the front steps with them all spread out on the side walk. As I look up I seen Mr Ross walking towards us and with a little surprised look on his face I guess from myself and the customer both watching him walk up the street. I was amazed that they hadn't picked him up yet. I felt that he was very nervous as he walk by us both as we look at the posters spread out on the side walk.

He walk straight down the stairs and didn't say much at all other than, "Is the stuff down here for the job". I answer yes, I will be in when we are done here. Shortly after he arrived the guy gathered up his posters and said that he had someone else to look at them down town, and there was a couple that I wanted to buy but he said he would come back later if he didn't get what he wanted. Now I understand why they hadn't picked him up yet, because they could not identify him from the drawings or pictures that they had of him if they even had seen him walking around town and more than likely he was in the Cactus Bar having a drink.

When I went in the gallery after this guy left with the posters, he was busy putting up the picture hanging rods that I had asked him to do. I asked him if he wanted a Pepsi before I laid down to take a nap and he said no thank ,I will just finish this and see you in the morning. I said to him, before you leave be sure and wake me up. He agreed and I went to sleep for a while until he woke me up and said that he had finished the job and that he was going to shower before he went back to the community center.

He left at 5:15 just warring a pair of levy pant his tennis shoes and a light shirt and said he would see me at 8:00 o'clock in the morning on the dot. I went ahead and cleaned up to go down town for a drink myself and as I walk by the Cactus bar I just happen to look in and I seen him at the bar so I went in and sat down at the bar and ordered a glass of beer. When a seat opened next to him I moved over to be friendly and talk with him and I could still see that he was a little nervous still, possibly of that guy being in front of the gallery when he walk up.

I just started up some causal conversation with him to help ease his tension. He did make a point to asked who that guy was in front of the gallery and I told him it was just a guy trying to sell me some old music poster, the grateful dead or something like that. I told him to take them down to the "head shop" and see if they were interested and if they didn't buy them bring them back tomorrow and I will pick out a couple that I like, but normally I just buy old oil paintings. I seen the relief that had come over him and he left saying he would see me in the morning at 8:00 O'clock on the dot, and looked a lot more relaxed.

For what probably happened on his way to, or at the community center is your guess as well as mine. I do not know, but anyway, that was the last I ever saw of him and I still have his all his things in a safe keeping place if they shall ever be needed in the future for my own proof of his DNA and for the my own protection. I got screwed out of 150.000.00 dollars reward mentioned on AMW site plus other amounts tact on over the period of time that he had evaded the authorities. Another incident which happened about 3:00 P.M. that same afternoon, I was sitting in a chair in front of my art gallery as a man in his late 30's or early 40's walked by looking me over real good and as he past I said afternoon sir, and he just kept on walking towards town and towards the homeless shelters. He never bother to answer me and we both know he heard me.

First of all, I am married to a Canadian and they have there own traits about them. He was wearing shorts, socks and shoes and a heavier tee shirt that was covering up a bulge on his left side more towards the middle back. I damn sure know what a concealed weapon looks like, especially with the look that he gave me. I would be willing to bet it was the Sgt. Crawly himself, from Canada, that this alias Tommy Ross, and murder Denis Melvin Howe has been evading for Almost 18 years. I heard the murdered girls parents marrage went on the rocks and one of the investigative officers wound up committing suicide over the ordeal.

This F.B.I. person Scott Nathan whom I called once when I left a message about having some incriminating evidence that they more than likely needed to pick up from my art gallery that belong to this possible murderer Denis Melvin Howe, alias Tommy Ross consists of all his cloths and shoes and under garments and a pair of what looks like women's jogging shorts with a lot of discoloration of body waist fluids and possible blood stains for evidence to go along with the arrest. (Which by the way has never been retrieved for evidence) Now it will be for my own DNA evidence to prove that they actually pick him up. You would think in just taking him off of "America's Most Wanted", non-compliance from the FBI and from that scared little female reporter with her faint little phone call she afforded me knowing and finding out for herself what kind of a country she is living in should be proof enough they got their man.

What I believe we have here is some kind of conspiracy of a crime being committed or to be carried out at a later time, either by the F.B.I., Sgt.. Crawly of Canada, or A.M.W. or could possibly even go down as far as the city of Boise's Police Dept.... I wonder how this has effected the lady reporter with the channel 7 media finding out and knowing quite well of the circumstances after the fact, and having to remain silent herself on this matter. Before I felt there was no need to go after the rewards that were offered, because you have to be alive to collect them. Right now I don't give a damn, and if they want me they know where I am. I know in my own mind that this person I turn into 1 800 crime T.V., AMW, was in fact Dennis Melvin Howe.

This, as far as I am concerned, is definitely an act just the same as the third Reich that has supposedly passed in history, but we'll just call these Nazi tactics that are very much still alive. Where are these wonderful community, country, US and CANADIAN leaders, when such a wide conspiracy to commit an act such as this takes place.

I know there is no place I could hide where they couldn't find me or have me found after reading this fine piece of literature, so I will just hang out here in my little o'l town of Nampa, Idaho and see if they come around to silence me. More than likely they will just remain silent themselves since that is the best way of keeping it out of the media.

Kind regards
and cheers!

As for me being all over the internet, it's mostly about showing and talking about my own art collection. I've also been talking about and the art of the MFA world and the artists works that are in museums. As far as the so-called art experts of artists foundations and other MFA establishments, I personally believe they are in a desire need of one big overhaul.  Also I talk about art being sold at fine auction houses all over the world.  The French Police, FBI art investigators along with many more art connoisseurs and specialist from all over the world now believe that at least 50% of all art for sale in this MFA word is fake. That is way too many fakes for these few art forgers they have been blaming for centuries.  I'd only guess as Crooked as this whole MFA world of ours is,... I'd say it is pretty well doomed if something isn't done soon.

http://s95.photobucket.com/albums/l136/vanrijngo/Japanese art/?action=view&current=100_2496.mp4

Click on the above link to see a video of two ex-police still on this case.
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No,... I no longer believe that Dennis Melvyn howe became bear food by falling without a parachute while being completely nude out of their plane over the Tundra. I believe those two Police officers from Canada took Dennis Melvyn Howe back to Canada to a per-determined location for the waiting mother of the murdered child Sharin' Morningstar,... Linda Keenan. Let your own imagination take it from there!

Thinking back about it all, it had to have been something that drastic happening, in order for Canada's law enforcement as a whole and the United States FBI working together to come after Me, Bob Miller, being a six foot one and a half inch cowboy as the stretch killer of Dennis Melvyn Howe. This killer going by the alias Tommy Ross being five foot 9 nine and looking nothing at all at the time like me.

I was just the person who made his capture possible by recognizing the drawing they had of this killer on America's Most Wanted and calling 1 800 CRIME TV to turn him in as it was said to do on their program. I'd say the reason these people, as I will call them (Law Enforcement Agencies), came after me, was to silence me. Why? Mainly because I would not leave well enough alone as it is said when speaking ones mind about truths. The idea of knowing quite well something like this had to have taken place in order for him not to make the news, pretty much made me into a rabbit brained idiot.

I had told all my friends and family for them to keep their eyes open for the breaking news that will be coming out on one of the America's Most wanted being captures right here in Boise, Idaho. When that didn't happen I started my own investigations by calling the FBI, and having a FBI agent Scott Nathan telling me they would come by my gallery and pick up his things later that Tommy Ross had left there. Next I was thrown out of the community center for inquiring about one of their tenants that I help move into their establishment. More later, for I'm running out of room.

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