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Tuesday, August 14th 2007

2:36 PM

Didn't they mean to say,... Found van Gogh?

Monday, August 13, 2007
Lost van Gogh
Posted by Sarah

ctr_subimage_4_5034.jpg picture by vanrijngo

Wild Vegetation, owned by the Vincent van Gogh museum
(drawing of the painting discovered beneath Ravine by Vincent van Gogh)

In October of 1889, Vincent van Gogh's brother Theo was late in sending the artist his supplies, leaving him without any unused canvases. Van Gogh did what any impatient and impulsive artist would do: he painted over one of his already completed paintings. 118 years later, the lost painting beneath Ravine (now owned by the Museum of Fine Art, Bosto
n) has been discovered.

Using x-ray technology an
d a close examination of the painting's surface, scholars at MFA Boston and the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, were able to uncover Wild Vegetation, a painting van Gogh referenced more than once in drawings and in letters. According to the press release, the underlying composition was most likely painted in June 1889, during the early period of van Gogh’s stay at the asylum of Saint-Paul de Mausole near Saint-Rémy, and was re-used as a support for Ravine a few months later, in October 1889.

You can't see Wild Vegetation without an x-ray machine (and unusually extensive access to the museum's collection), of course. But you can see van Gogh’s pen-and-ink copy of Wild Vegetation (above) in Van Gogh’s Drawings: New Insights on view at the Van Gogh Museum through October 7, 2007. And Ravine (below)—the masterpiece that now covers the earlier painting—is on view in the MFA’s Impressionist Gallery. The images featured here are courtesy of MFA Boston's website, where you can get the whole story, if you're so inclined

day1_02enlarged.jpg image by vanrijngo   day1_02enlargedself.jpg picture by vanrijngo    
day1_02.jpg image by vanrijngo 
Vanrijngo says;   How the heck can they can make the call that this painting represent Wild Vegetation in this supposed separate painting, which they are only allowed to see with the use and help of x-ray?. They say he referenced it more than once in drawings and in letters.  Well,... how about more that just one painting, and like he just might have painted over this one for exactly the reasons they say. I can show you almost the same exact so-called techniques in the painting from the San Francisco Flower painting, and other ones that I referenced myself a couple entrees ago,.. and used by him in many others works of his art.  Yes,.. they say vegetation and I say portraits of himself, is just like the 2003 commemorative coin.
The image “http://www.gnomjas.nl/html/pics/coins/Coins_Holland_5_euro_Van_Gogh.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Dutch 5 euro coin commemorating the 150th birthday of the famous Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh. Averse side: a portrait of Queen Beatrix, formed by the words (repeatedly) "KONINGIN DER NEDERLANDEN". Reverse side: selfportait (1889) of Vincent van Gogh, formed by the letters "VAN GOGH", built up like a spiral. The centric effect this gives, is characteristic of Van Gogh's work.

Design: Karel Martens, metal: silver 925/1000, weight: 11.9 grams
Now, after them saying this, you don't think a computer could tell if a work of art was done by Vincent or not?
You don't believe me,... well just check it out for yourselves.  This slideshow is of a disputed painting from a Misfortune surrounds alleged van Gogh painting set for auction BY DEB KOLLARS AND STEVE WIEGAND SCRIPPS-MCCLATCHY NEWS SERVICE SACRAMENTO -- It wasn't supposed to turn out like this.    Copy and paste in your browser;   http://www.museum-security.org/97/august2.html
day1_02.jpg image by vanrijngo 
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Posted by Dolores Brown:

It would be really cool to have a museum with all this stuff in it together. I think it would be really awesome to got see. I would go several times to see it. http://www.pem.org/
Friday, August 8th 2014 @ 8:33 AM

Posted by Aaron Carter:

I would love to check this place out. I have always been a big fan Vincent. I think this would be a perfect date.

Aaron | http://www.pem.org/
Wednesday, July 16th 2014 @ 1:33 PM

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