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Tuesday, April 26th 2016

1:16 PM

"The Cat Came Back" True Story

Has anyone got a good story of the cat came back?


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Monday, October 10th 2005

11:43 PM

The cat came back!

We all have heard about and seen the heart wrenching tear jerking stories in the movies of animal love of their owners, of when they become separated and miraculously find their way home some time later.  Well three years ago my wife decided that one of our three cats had to go,... the one my son Tom had at his apartment and could not keep,.. so we inherited him.  His name was and I still believe is Vatu.  This cat really loved me and I think it made my wife jealous a bit, so one afternoon a appliance customer who had come into our shop said to my wife, what a lovely cat, I think I would like to own one like that.
This is what my wife was waiting for I believe, and told her she could take him with her, for she was looking to find him a good home.  When I next seen my wife and asked where Vatu was,... she told me she had given him to a customer that loved him and said she would give him a new and a loving home.  You can imagine how I felt? But being whom I am, I said,.. that is great,... that he'd gotten a good home to go to,.. since I new she was thinking of getting rid of one of our cats,.... and knew which one. 
It was about four weeks when we received a phone call from this lady.  She said she loved Vato,... but he wouldn't eat right and was loosing weight and she was afraid he was going to die and asked if we could pick him up if we wanted him back.  My wife being a good hearted soul that she is, sent our service man to her address to pick him up from her.
When I got back home and saw Vatu, he was all over me. He would not give me a moment of peace for a couple of days.  In a week he had regained his normal weight and everything went back to normal. 
I do believe our next confrontation about these cats were when one or two of them were peeing in different places throughout our house stinking it up a bit.  After trying to stay on top of it and failing, we talked it over and decided we were going to take them all to pet heaven to find new homes and we were not going to have anymore cats.  This all happened about a year and a half ago or more. 
Well,... after deodorizing our whole house and being cat free for about six months,... it was nice to breath fresh clean air again, but we both were lonesome for our companions.  Like I said, for about six months.  We then had a stray momma cat come to our side door, pregnant and looking thin,.. so we decided to take her in until she had her baby's. 
  She was a good mother and took real good care of her babies and when they were old enough to be given away, my wife put an add in the news paper and we gave them all away including the mother,..all but one.  While doing this, we deciding to keep our favorite, which was a light yellowish tan fluffy soft hair kitten,..now short hair lightly striped tan male.  We got him all his shots and had him neutered with the understanding he was to be our only cat.  We both decided on the name Vinni after a lot of influence by me. Of course I was thinking of Vincent van Gogh and his Sunflowers!
Now it is a little over a year since Vinni was born, and yesterday my wife Nancy told me their was a cat hanging around outside that reminded her of Vatu, and wanted him to go away.  I didn't pay her any mind to what she had said, because I thought that I knew different.  Late last night I was working on my computer and kept on hearing this faint meow outside and I knew that Vinni was in.  So,... I went outside to investigate.  When I seen the cat I thought to myself, this cannot be Vatu, for I thought him to be much bigger.  He looked at me with those big green eyes and went Meow,... just like Vatu! 
I still did not believe this cat to be Vato, but I went inside and brought him out a handful of cat food and put it in a dish on one of our lawn chairs. Up he went and ate a couple of mouthfuls and came off of that chair soon as I was headed to the side door.  I literally had to push him off of the steps and hurriedly got through the storm door closing it quickly while still almost shutting it on this cat head.  I then went back to my computer to only hear a barrage of cat meows.  Before going to bed, I peak through the curtains to see if he was still there.  There he was looking up at me, and started his meowing all over again.  I then went to bed and figured he would be gone in the morning.
When I got up this morning, the first thing that I did even before getting myself a cup of coffee I went to see if he were still at our side door.  He wasn't their so I went to the kitchen to fix my coffee and I heard his meow at our shop store door where he was always at when he was left out overnight.  I went to the door and opened it and in he came at a run while leaping onto the first row of appliances running all the way to the end of the row and leaping onto our store counter just the way that he had in the past.  I knew then immediately this cat was Vatu!
Well, ... as I would have expected, my wife does not believe,... and says that this cat is not our other cat Vatu, even though he did not react unfriendly to our dog Lovie as a stranger, while his presence did not disturb our dog Lovie in any way,.. just like they both knew each other from before.  Vatu did not explore our upstairs at all yesterday, he just slept on and off while visiting me at my computer while crowding around my digital camera which was sitting in his favorite chair he used to sleep in while sitting next to my desk.  I then moved my camera so he could have the comfort of the full cushion that is tack in the middle of the old oak chair.  Vinni's growls at him, when he would get close did not bother him at all while knowing exactly where the sand box was and where he could find his cat food without showing him.
One of the places where he would sleep was on our shop counter next to the phone and where customers would stand and my wife would wait on them from the other side next to our cash register, the exact place and where he had enjoyed being before while greeting all of our customers.  When I went to bed after working on my computer, about 2:30 AM, he was sleeping on the chair next to my desk.  After turning out the lights and going upstairs to the bathroom and then to bed he was still downstairs in his chair.  After I going to bed and as I always leave my hand laying off the edge of the bed, I said to my wife who was already sleeping;  Vatu will be up later to join us and will put his cold nose on my hand after getting into bed with us and still will be with us when you get up in the morning.  I don't believe she heard me,.. and as I was just falling asleep I was woke up by Vatu's cold nose touching my hand hanging off of the bed and I said goodnight Vatu, I love you.
And the story goes on;  Now,.. for all of you non-believers,... along with my wife;  Maybe this is not Vatu's old body,... but I would say myself,... it happens to be Vatu's soul from before, in one of his previous lives. Most have heard that old saying that cats have nine lives,...well, I'm assuming myself that this is just one more of Vatu's lives, where his own soul has lead him back into one of his own past life's, like someone else that I am familiar with my friends.  Now, is this story is becoming more understood by some, while most all others continue to believe,... just maybe the experts have been right all the time.  They asked themselves,..why do I waist my time reading and trying to understand what this person vanrijngo is telling us?
Just maybe it is time for most of my readers to go get their own prescriptions filled along with most art experts in their own field of expertise to ease the pains of their own regressions.
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