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Friday, December 28th 2018

3:38 AM

Gordina de Groot, the unmarried daughter of the family who inspired "The Potato-eaters", done in 1885 by Vincent van Gogh.




Vincent's supposed "Dulcinea" Gordina de Groot, the unmarried daughter of the family who inspired "The Potato-eaters", done in 1885.

Painting Size:  20" x 23 3/4"



You can almost read the thoughts of the father & mother on the right,.. The mother; "Oh, wont it be nice to hold our new grand child",.. while the father is thinking about the shame and another mouth to feed. You can see the compassion in the mother's eyes while the ant & uncle I presume, is trying to remain neutral.


Is there a black-sheep in this family?   No, ...only a new coming member of the priest's congregation, of one who used his powers and influence on this young girl, took advantage of her, and denied his own responsibilities.    I do believe though that Vincent had found him and confronted him, which was the main reason for him losing his studio, other than the rumors started by the culprit from their congregation about Vincent being the baby's father.  Kerssemakers maintained that it was the priest's influence that eventually force Schafrath to make Vincent leave his studio.

Hey!... You Son of a Bitch,... before I knock your teeth right down your throat,... how about confessing up to your own flesh and blood?   Needless to say this church going bastard did not confess up and pay a private settlement like Bill O'Reilly did to keep it quite. Second litho; Are you sure you won't reconsider Mr. Schafrath,... for I just happen to have all my eggs in one basket.  In Antwerp when Vincent left Nuenen he had a lot of new ideas on ways to make money on his own.  Who knows for sure, maybe Vincent might have been the one who started that old saying, "Tom Browne,... I'll Knock Ya Down,... Not Up" or something like that.

 Description :


I assure you, a painting of Anna, with one of his drawings on the back side, dated Sept. 62,...  by you know who.  Isn't that paint we see on this horses head?  Don't they say Vincent never lifted a paint brush until late in his life, 27 to be exact or should I say 29 now to coincide with what is now being said and the paintings they have excepted.  Well, as far as I am concerned, what I say is not going to change their minds.  It would be like asking Einstein, "are you sure that equation is correct?"  If you notice in my Archived Posts, I have a lot to say, and after that, just look at what they have commented back.  Absolutely "O".


Just a couple of art works,  from my collection.



Vincent's father studying one of his sermons in his chair, painted around the same time period, 1884-5, before Vincent.lightening his pallet. Now how would you as a church Gomer, the likes of Bill O'Reilly, like to have sit in this mans presbytery?  When Vincent's own pastoral father said;  You're murdering me", or "You're poisoning my life", when Vincent put forth painful questions and answers to his father which he could not comprehend, or would not listen to, having his own convictions of what was handed down to him by church doctrines.   They say that Vincent did not take his fathers remarks seriously and wanted only to be able to treat his father as a friend.



               You take this drawing of mine, you just might as well say it was just like Rembrandt's drawing of satire against art expertise.

  You say it's my imagination?  Well,... if you can imagine yourself,... guess what Einstein had to say about imagination.

It does not take a genious to understand after reading most of the lies in the Vincent van Gogh books about when Vincent started his career in art.  In the same books you are able to read what others had to say about Vincent van Gogh,.. the ones who knew him.  Not the ones that claim to know him and his works of art, and who are the exact ones who are making outrageous claims, supposedly   MFA experts and art historians.  I guess they must believe the majority will believe what they themselves have to say because of their supposed higher education, instead of what others had to say, or what most should be able to see with their own eyes.   In some of the earlier books you can still view some of his childhood drawings, the few which happened to escape from being destroyed or not being excepted as being his because of the possession they happen to be in.  By now, what most who knew him had to say is disappearing fast, being left out of new book editions having already been disputed so new readers are un-able to read, unless they find an older book, which most are concidered fiction by MFA experts.


A statement by Rembrandt the MFA experts would rather not acknowledge! In other words...


I do believe Vincent said in a letter to Theo that he would probably be better off joining "The French Foreign Legion", if... they would take him. I do hope that you now have a little bit better perspective of Vincent's "The Potato Eaters", and they are not from eye-d-ho.




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