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Friday, August 28th 2009

4:00 PM

Robert Manwill; The links to a witch hunt I believe conducted by Boise City and local new channels.

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Boise Police Department Deputy Chief Jim Kerns

 Vanrijngo says that more than likely Boise Police and the searchers would have found Robert Manwill's body a lot sooner, if only they would have just followed the real evidence. So,... let's have a closer look at the original evidence, before all this digging up of dirt, of the mother's past, and of her boy friend past years earlier by the police. I do understand that this is standard police procedure to check out the parents and surrounding adults first,... but in this missing child's case, I believe it went way beyond standard procedures.
  It was like the Police already knew he was not in the canal.  How could these two people who they are implying are about the worlds stupidest killers have any idea that the lock was left off that gate. As stupid as they are, how the hell would they be capable of planning a murder such as this and know themselves at the end of their street was the best way in the world of possibly covering up their crime.
(1) The mother was supposed to be working and is believed it was proven she was.
(2)  A playmate remembered seeing Robert that evening at the swings just a couple of hours before Robert being reported missing. Now why in the world would a child want to make up a story like this since she knew him well, and was asked that soon after seeing him and talking with him.
(3) A hot July day, and being watch by a unconcerned not related adult, a boy friend of the mothers might explain how Robert was able to go to the end of the street and find the open gate to see what a big canal looked like. In more than likely hanging on to some weeds to reach down to the waters edge the weeds gave way, and god forbid, in he went.
(4) The playmates of Robert's not mentioning these supposed bruises, all the mistreatment Robert supposedly had received, while understanding Robert would have more than likely mentioned the beatings if any to someone. 
(5) Most would guess Robert being a young boy of 8, he would have said something about this torture to anyone who would listen if it were happening. This did not happen, or was it ever mentioned by anyone at that time.
(6) The Idaho Statesman was quick on the seine to get these pictures of the gate at the end of the street without its padlock in place to keep juveniles from being able to enter. Since these pictures is now no longer available for people to see does make one wonder,... excuse me, sorry about that for I did find the link where the picture are located but you have to click on the link to see the pictures?
Distance from Robert Manwill's mom's apartment to the New York Canal
(7)  Most Police an people would have to assume Robert probably being the adventurer that he might have been like most young unattended boy's of eight, he very well could have found this unlocked gate and ventured up to have a look for himself at the canal he heard so much about being there just out of reach, but yet accessible.
(   Most people when not living around canals do not understand or can they really fathom the full danger of a monstrous canal such as this New York Canal passing close to neighborhoods of thousands of curious youngsters.
(9)  I remember myself distinctly seeing these pictures from a link provided at the beginning of the search for Robert and wondered myself why they were not concentrating more on this canal and lowering the water level in their search.  Presumably that could have cost the farmers some of their crop growth with the reduction of water in these hot summer days.
(10)  I'm sure these pictures were not just seen by myself and seen by quite a few others, including these officers who have brought about this case of murder and abuse of this loving young boy who loved to give hugs.  If there is more evidence than what have be spoken by law enforcement, they sure are not saying anything to convince me that they are guilty.
(11)  Don't most you people really find it rather amazing that these pictures taken by "The Idaho Statesman" are not readily available unless you know where to find them on the website. Well,... I will make them available myself,... If for nothing else but in protecting other children and possibly a few of their guardians if they themselves have had a questionable past at another time in their life.
This what I have written,... right now is about all there is that I believe that  has been written, except a couple of comments, about their presumed innocence. This old saying about being assume innocent until proven guilty by a court of law is becoming more distant as people can see for themselves. There is very little assumption of their innocence from what I've been able to read myself,... and I'm assuming a lot of people out there have already and are still jumping on this band wagon of witch hunters ready to leave their jail doors open for the rest in the jail that hates child abusers. 
One might asked oneself,... what would be the advantage of this couples conviction? Come on people, is this all that damn hard to figure out for yourselves?  If this young man Robert had died due to the negligence of the City of Boise,... how Many attorneys would be beating down the doors of his father and mother?  Their conviction is very important and all you believers in this happening, which I myself believe is a witch hunt, had better believe this couple is guilty,... that is if you want to continue to have all the city services for your own protection and not have the city reduce all the cities employees wages due to humongous law suits. What does the police Chief make again,... did someone say it was over 52 dollars an hour?
788-0806localmanwill9embeddedprod_a.jpg picture by vanrijngo
402-0806localmanwill10embeddedprod_.jpg picture by vanrijngo

It does not take a Genius or a Mastermind to figure this bunch of bull crap out! Like one of the bloggers had said when she said she believes this mother was not dealt a fare shake,... and anyone who doesn't believe that, Karma has its own way of laking care of it.





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Is it possible for an impartial jury to be selected in Ada County for a case so well-known?

That depends on whom you talk to.

Boise defense attorney D.C. Carr thinks it would be difficult, considering the publicity and the raw emotion much of the community seems to be feeling over the case.

"With this situation, with the small child as such a sympathetic victim, I think they are going to have a really hard time finding a fair and impartial jury," said Carr, who used to work for the Ada County public defender's office. "There have been stories every day, and that has led to a lot of fingerpointing at (Jenkins and Ehrlick on blogs and Web sites) even before they were arrested. There is so much emotion surrounding this case."

But Boise defense attorney David Leroy, a former Idaho attorney general, said he believes it is possible to pick a local jury, especially since huge groups of potential jurors can be sorted out for prejudice against either side by asking them to fill out questionnaires prior to actual jury selection.

He said he has faith that many people in Ada County who know about the case are capable of forming opinions based strictly on evidence.


Vanrijngo says this is all pretty sick and stinks to high heaven my friends. From what I've seen myself on TV, and what I've heard from people following this case on the news, most all have pretty much found in their own minds and souls this mother and boy friend already guilty. Judging from what has been brought out by Boise's Law enforcement spokesman, police chief Kerns, and all the local news reporters, most sounding to me as also having them hung for the crime as they are reporting to the public. Most I'd say have already condemned them, while not even considering they are not guilty until proven guilty by a court of law. What a Frigging Joke! I thought of switching over to see if the story had reach fox news yet and by golly it had,  Nancy Grace on Fox news had some breaking news from Idaho, one of the first evenings of the reporting, that an eight year old young boy had just gone missing, and she stated the mother and boy friend could possibly be suspects in the disappearance, more on that as it comes in.

I figure this travesty of possible injustice needs to be apologized for, say by a few respectable parties in Idaho's Government, and the Boise City employees and officials who are possibly involved,....  I believe whoever the ones in knowing and quite possibly involved in this railroading if true will have a little bout with karma.  I would like to mention and bring up what could be assume to be Karma. A neighbor of mine who had moved away quite a few years back, may have been responsible for poisoning my favorite cat, which he had tried to catch & to killed many time. He had only move down the street and crossed the tracks while I believe my cat new exactly where he had moved to. I read in the paper a few months to a year after my cats death which I believed to be from poison meat because he made it back home before he died. Well to make a short story shorter, this ex-neighbor man was tragically killed himself while crossing the road in front of his parked car.  He was hurrying to get to the other side of the roadway to help an other accident victim from a bad car accident in the mountains. This very unfortunate happening happened as he himself was struck and killed by a passing motorist.

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