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Friday, August 21st 2009

2:53 AM

something to think about besides Rembrandt & van Gogh

This probably don't mean a damn thing,... but it is something to think about.


Boise couple, both in their 70s, are struck and killed on ParkCenter

Published: 08/20/09

BOISE - Witnesses told police James Thomas Woychick, 78, and his wife, Mary Woychick, 76, were crossing ParkCenter Boulevard in the crosswalk at East Gossamer Lane shortly before 8:45 a.m. when they were hit by a car going west on ParkCenter.

The couple was taken to Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center, where they were pronounced dead less than an hour later Wednesday morning. The driver, a 58-year-old man from Boise, was in a four-door Honda sport utility vehicle.

The case is under investigation and no citations or charges had been issued by Wednesday afternoon.

Boise police are asking anyone who may have witnessed the collision to call Crime Stoppers at 343-2677.

It is now August 24 2009 and not a word from the Statesman, News Channels or any other form of the media.

You know, the strangest thing happened to me while driving from work to my appliance business today. On 8/21/09,  Nampa, Idaho,... say about 3pm in the afternoon I was driving north on 11th ave and while coming up from the underpass going north on 11th there in front of me was a young  man and woman who crossed the five lane state road right in front of my van running hand in hand.  It was a little scarry because the on coming traffic had to actually slow down and stop for them, for them to continue with their little run across the street. I travel 11th ave at least 3 or 4 times daily,  going back and forth from the appliance store to my other business and never before seen anything like this happening.

 In seeing this, I was wondering to myself, why in the hell didn't they use the new cross walk that was newly installed just down the street, not over two blocks away. While looking down 11th ave as they were still running across the street, a block and a half up the street I saw a man in the shade of trees filming them with a big camera angled and pointing right at them as they ran across the street.  As I got close, and looking over at the man still filming I seen the insignia of Channel 2 on the side of the camera.
As I continued driving past, I had a idea,... that these people crossing was put on and staged. for some uncertain reason.  I wanted to find out for myself so I decided to make what some would call a u-turn at 4th St. N.  I then was headed back the other way towards the cross walk and back toward town. The crosswalk being right there in front of Pauls is where this filming had taken place. I then turn at 2nd St N. to turn around to go North  on 11th ave again. 
 When I looked for traffic to the left, I seen another younger middle aged man had a little boy about five years old in hand and was crossing in heavy traffic right in the same dangerous place as where the other couple had just ran across no more than two minutes earlier. This was quite a hair raising experience for me to sit and watch.  It looked to me as if they had a couple of close calls in getting to the other side. I then proceeded parked my van next to the car I believe he used to get there, and I might also mention the vehicle was not marked channel 2 like his camera was.
I walk just a little ways to the corner 3rd & 11th and turned toward where he was filming. He had his camera pointed right at me as I walked towards him. I held up my arm up in front of my face like I didn't want to be filmed. He then told me he was just filming the crosswalk. I  stopped right in front of him and asked him point blank,.. did you see those people crossing the street down there.  He then blurted out I sure did, wasn't that crazy, and I did get it on film. I then asked him how much did you have to pay those people,.... they are working for you,.. aren't they?  No he answered immediately,.. we don't do those kinds of things.  He then said the man and boy had just crossed through the crosswalk minutes earlier and he had filmed them crossing and guessed they crossed down the street for the convenience of not walking back.
Needless to say I don't believe for a second he believed I believed what he had said. As I was about to leave I tuned back to him and told him that those older people that were killed in Boise in that crosswalk was a terrible thing, and if this was staged and set up to discount that in any way it would piss the hell out of me to no end,... and then I walked away from him. In looking in my review mirror he was filming me leave all the way up to sixth street. I proceeded to pick up what I was going after and on my return trip just minutes later he had already left, and the car I told you I parked next to was not there.

I know my blog is not all that popular amongst most the supposed educated ones,... but wouldn't it be nice for the majority of us, who's our own name would have been released immediately if not sooner,.... to know the truth.  Do the majority of you people think the elite society of ours actually has the right to withhold the name of the 58 year old person responsible for these deaths they are hiding and protecting from the rest of our society in knowing?

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