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Sunday, June 7th 2009

1:10 PM

Is this being rude when eBay seller's can refund your money rather than to produce your great purchase?

Hi Marty,
I personally, art-zee, Bob Miller (vanrijngo), give you one big monstrous Negative, for this eBay transaction which was canceled as to a no sale by you, EBAY'S ITEM 200203996266.


Payment details

Amount: $36.50 USD
Transaction Date: Jun 2, 2009
Transaction ID: D
Subject: You've got a refund
Message: Bob, I tried to pack and ship the print this morning, but it is nowhere to be found. Once in a while an item doesn't get pulled off by the computer or rather the person running the computer. This may be the cause. I'm refunding your payment plus the percentage Pay Pal will deduct. Regards, Marty
Sarah - PayPal :
Hello, I’m Sarah and I’m here to answer your questions about PayPal. Even though I’d like to be a real person, I’m not. I’m programmed to answer your questions. How can I help you?
Me :
What if I refuse a refund of a seller who says they cannot produce my purchase from them?

Sarah - PayPal :
 What precisely are you looking for?
How do I request a refund of my payment?
How can I make my transactions proceed faster with Instant Transfer?
How do I issue a refund?
How can I view the status of my refund?
Is Pay Pal set up mainly for the protection of the sellers and the hell with the buyers?

Sarah - PayPal :
Please don't be so rude. Let's get back to our conversation, please. How can I help you?
Me :
Is this being rude when the sellers can refund your money rather than to produce your great purchase?
Sarah - PayPal :
Could you be more precise please?
How do I withdraw money from my PayPal account?
How can I view the status of my refund?
How do I issue a refund?
Me :
Well,... I did make one hell of a good buy from these ebay seller's of a master signed artist print for twenty dollars. Now they say they can't find it and now are graciously refunding my money.  Before this actually happened I had it already in my mind that this was going to take place.  So,.... you see for yourself what kind of cheating eBayer's Pay Pal possibly represents.

Sarah - PayPal :
Sorry, but your phrase is too long and I will not be able to perform a full analysis. I would be very grateful if you could try to make it a bit shorter and more concise.
Sure thing,.... they are cheating you know what-tees!  Just copy the url below and place in your browser  to see for yourselves.
  Only alternative to resolve this is:  I'm not excepting the refund,... for I want that print or one just like it,.... even signed,... no less.  I do have the pics of the signature, so the signature haft to match as to being his.  You should be hearing from my attorney in the next couple of weeks.
Art-zee, Bob Miller
Read carefully,
Negative feedback ratingThey say cannot find item, it has been already pulled, refunded thru Pay Pal

Jun-05-09 09:24
  • Reply by marty-the-woodsman (Jun-05-09 14:14):
    Previously sold and not pulled from inventory. Relisted by mistake. Negative????
 Age of Innocence by Sir Joshua Reynolds Signed Print (#200203996266)US $20.00
Hey Marty,
 does this sound to you like what you emailed me at the same time of refunding my Pay Pal payment with a note?

Listen carefully Marty,
  I've been screwed out of three items of importance to me, three times now using eBay. I might also mention by reputable eBay dealers, ones I've bought item from before. I say,.. if what you say is true, you yourself could have handle this much differently than you did. I am about to leave eBay's establishment for good, basically for these reasons and many others that has developed over these last few years in their MFA procedures.
 I personally have come to hate lying ass cheating art dealers who have seller's remorse when figuring they have sold items too cheaply for what they believe they are after someone wins the item.... Especially when getting ready to ship items after removing the glass,.... if you know what I mean? 
 I have never before left a negative feedback to any person or dealer on eBay. Before I have only quit buying from them. Now,.. before I got your wonderful message with my refund from PayPal, I had told myself,....... if this ever happens to me again, even if involving this item, without any real good explanation, the seller was going to get themselves a negative report back from me,.... whether they liked it or not.

Bob Miller---vanrijngo 

Added on June 13th 09; 

I would like you all to know that this eBay seller "Marty-the-woodsman" did not email me one email from the time he just refunded my money with his little note attached to the refund from PayPal to this present date.  I emailed him twice before giving him the negative feed-back, telling him, while even showing what my full intentions were,.... if I did not possibly hear from him pretty much immediately.
Needless to say retired auctioneers and sellers like these don't really think they can be held responsible for what the do in life,... and as they rip people off on things they sell and don't sell. Most buyers and sellers except what they say as the gospel as they would their own minister of their own churches they go to,... but believe me,... most times they are like peas in a pod and their resemblances, just caring about what is in their own plates. 
Anyway, I myself thinking exactly as Vincent van Gogh would think about this transaction, I believe I have pretty much vented it in the same way that he would have if he were still alive.


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