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Monday, January 5th 2009

12:10 PM

Drawing of a Plaster Statue by the one and only,.... Vincent van Gogh.

19th  Century Graphite Drawing, One of Two drawn by Vincent van Gogh.

Description of Vincent's drawings are talked about below by a few of his art teachers.

This pencil drawing was done in the Antwerp Period, when the future Master studied under his art teachers, van Havermaet, Verlat, Siberdt and Hageman. In drawing the Venus of Milo he was struck by the breadth of her hips, and he exaggerated  what he felt was essential characteristic, distorting her in just the same way as he did in his copies of Millet's Sowers and Delacroix's Good Samaritan. " The beautiful Greek goddess", said Hageman, " had become a robust Flemish matron."  When Siberdt saw his drawings, he slashed them with strokes of his crayon.  Vincent flew into a rage: "So you don't know what a young woman is like, God damn you!  A woman must have hips and buttocks and a pelvis in which she can hold a child!"   

Now,... if you would like to possibly see and understand what Vincent was actually saying to his art teachers and telling them what to look for in his works of art, well,.... just listen up. Move back up to the top picture of this article to where the three center cuts from one of his drawing are, showing the two legs, two arms with the center body torso. Now, run this back over your mind again one more time when sqinting your eyes a bit while looking at the three pictures, "A woman must have hips and buttocks and a pelvis in which she can hold a child!"  You know it's too damn bad that everyone I say this to still are unable to see it,...  unfortunately that just the way it is, for only about one out of a hundred will think they see what it is I'm saying to them.   

globe.gif (88438 bytes)


Drawing (H) 44 cm x 28 cm   (17 1/4 x 9 1/4 inches)

Frame:  (H)  48 cm   x 27 1/2cm  (18 7/8 x 10 7/8 inches)

MVC-021S.JPG (20363 bytes)
This drawing above is one of two, that I have in my own collection, which I'm sharing with you my friends.  As you can see for yourselves, this drawing is not one of those slashed by Siberdt with strokes of his crayon but only being similar in nature to his other drawings he presented to them.
MVC-022Sa.JPG (18292 bytes)
Vincent's own perceptions were so much different than his art instructors and teachers back then that they could not see literally what he was saying to them, even after he had said it right to their face, what he was doing in his works of art.  Even after these hundred or so years, since Vincent's death, are the art experts still blind, while even knowing themselves, that there is a distinct style and variations which Vincent had used in making his works of art.

MVC-023S.JPG (20285 bytes)

As you look at these lines in this base of the drawing, it does seem to bring out the simplicities of Vincent's lines which he used in making his works of art speak to us.


MVC-023Sa.JPG (26981 bytes)

I'm not going to try and tell you what it is that you are supposed to be looking at because I know good and well that most are as blind as even the art experts when it comes to looking at the artistic lines of Vincent van Gogh's.


MVC-023Sab.JPG (27700 bytes)
 For as big as this assumed mouth is, and the nose,.... don't be mistaking by looking into the wrong eye  the artist made for this particular face.

MVC-024S.JPG (22206 bytes)


MVC-024Sa.JPG (27186 bytes)
MVC-025S.JPG (16592 bytes)
MVC-025S.JPG (16592 bytes)
MVC-025Sa.JPG (19302 bytes)
MVC-026S.JPG (18211 bytes)

Vincent's quote:

" So you don't know what a young woman is like, God damn you!  A woman must have hips and buttocks and a pelvis in which she can hold a child"!



cutoutoflady.jpg (3626 bytes)


MVC-026Sa.JPG (30741 bytes)
MVC-027S.JPG (22192 bytes)
MVC-027Sa.JPG (29978 bytes)
MVC-028S.JPG (24351 bytes)
MVC-028Sa.JPG (33565 bytes)


to the Vincent Van Gogh Salon

MVC-026S.jpg image by vanrijngo cutoutoflady.jpg image by vanrijngo MVC-016S.jpg the Venus of Milo image by vanrijngo facecutout.jpg image by vanrijngo
MVC-009F-1.jpg cobler image by vanrijngo MVC-015F.jpg image by vanrijngo MVC-002F-1.jpg Cobler image by vanrijngo coblera.jpg cobler closeup image by vanrijngo
untitled1aaa.jpg image by vanrijngo untitled2a.jpg image by vanrijngo 201.jpg image by vanrijngo
enh1.jpg picture by vanrijngo
MVC-001F.jpg image by vanrijngo MVC-002F.jpg image by vanrijngo
 bksideMilletstyle.jpg image by vanrijngo  MVC-009F.jpg image by vanrijngo

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