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Tuesday, April 1st 2008

5:06 PM

A little of VvG, RvR, RJM... who really gives a damn anyway.

Not many at all is going to tell you how it was and how it is,...  of the life of Vincent van Gogh and of his predecessor Rembrandt van Rijn and of their unknown Fine Works of Art of this MFA world,......
Pic0000_0320.jpg picture by vanrijngo
Vincent van Gogh around 8 or 9, 1862,... about the time that he had painted this painting of his sister Anna below, also while doing a drawing of a farmyard with a horse on its verso.
MVC-011S.jpg image by vanrijngo MVC-003S.jpg image by vanrijngo  MVC-002S.jpg image by vanrijngo
Anna, when 7 years old,.. painted in 1862 by Vincent van Gogh, of his sister when Vincent was nine.  Yeh,.. I know, they say Vincent never picked up a brush until he was an old man of 27 years old,... to hear the MFA experts say it.
MVC-024S.jpg image by vanrijngo 
StudyofVG.jpg image by vanrijngo
ALBUM.jpg image by vanrijngo  ALBUM-1.jpg image by vanrijngo
MargotBegemam1sm.jpg image by vanrijngo  MVC-009F-1.jpg image by vanrijngo  MVC-153F.jpg image by vanrijngo
Pic0006_0320vangogh.jpg picture by vanrijngo
Vincent around 12 - 13 when he was thinking very seriously of working for and becoming an art dealer for his uncle Cent, while getting out of the unwelcome residence where the rest of his siblings and father and mother resided. As most of you are unable to see for yourselves,...   Vincent was now a grown up young man, and still wearing too small of a suit jacket for his age and body size, but some do realize how ignorant his parents really were,... when reading letters about their oldest son's Vincent, about his knowledge and considered him as one large pain in their whole families well being, and just wanted him to get out there and do something useful in his life.
Pic0001_0320.jpg picture by vanrijngo
Vincent around 17 - 19
vincent-scansmall.jpg image by vanrijngo vincentsm1.jpg image by vanrijngo vincent-vanGoghlips1883a.jpg image by vanrijngo
Possibly Vincent around 30 - 31 and in another persons collection.
MVC-035Sa.jpg image by vanrijngo
A good friend and Artist Rick Friesen's wall-plack sculpture of Vincent's face in my collection.
Pic0009_0320.jpg image by vanrijngo Pic0009_0320b.jpg image by vanrijngo 
Vincent's brother Theo around 33
MVC-001S.jpg image by vanrijngo first.jpg image by vanrijngo MVC-014Se.jpg image by vanrijngo
Vincent father studying his sermon while his oldest son decided to paint him.
MVC-046S.jpg image by vanrijngo vincent-scansmall.jpg image by vanrijngo
You can almost see Vincent's face in the ankle of his father's foot, if you look close enough.
MVC-054F1.jpg image by vanrijngo  RntgenfotovanAgostinaSegatoriinhetC.jpg image by vanrijngo  MVC-049F.jpg image by vanrijngo
Something is really messed up here, for this x-ray image of this painting is under the painted surface of the first painting, and the top painting I presume was to have been painted while Vincent was in Arles, France
MVC-016F.jpg image by vanrijngo  MVC-030F.jpg image by vanrijngo  MVC-016F1x.jpg image by vanrijngo
MVC-002F3a.jpg Vincent carriage out of road with a cypress. image by vanrijngo MVC-002F3aaa.jpg details of signatures image by vanrijngo 
769px-Van_Goghs_Final_View_-_Window.jpg image by vanrijngo
This little area has been in my dreams since I was a child as I remember it.
MVC-001F1a.jpg image by vanrijngo  MVC-010F.jpg image by vanrijngo  f_0834.jpg image by vanrijngo
MVC-001F.jpg image by vanrijngo  MVC-003F.jpg image by vanrijngo  MVC-003F1a.jpg image by vanrijngo
Image1.gif image by vanrijngo  Image1b.gif image by vanrijngo thanku.jpg Do you really believe this says Thank You? vanrijngo image by vanrijngo
Remenhans2.jpg Rembrandt's "The Danae" Mythological Painting of Danae with her father, the King of Greese, in the background. The attack by Zuis is presented by the shower of gold. vanrijngo image by vanrijngo  event_346014.jpg RHL f 1636 Danae Hidden signature that has been in this painting since the time of its creation. vanrijngo image by vanrijngo
1517cb2f.pbw Talking Heads slideshow by vanrijngo
comparison2.jpg image by vanrijngo MVC-032F.jpg image by vanrijngo MVC-031F2x3inchwoodpanel.jpg image by vanrijngo
family_g.jpg image by vanrijngo  RvRsDeadMonkey.jpg image by vanrijngo  F19652P_300-lrgMonkey.jpg image by vanrijngo
6e19998b.pbw Titus asking for hand in marrage slideshow by vanrijngo
4DPictRHLmonkey.jpg image by vanrijngo  4DmonkeyonchainRHLs.jpg image by vanrijngo
Well,... for peat sakes, just look at that,... there's that little son-of-a-bitching monkey, and he is on the same kind of a looking chain that is around Titus's neck, in the younger painted portrait of him above.

http://vanrijngo.bravejournal.com/entry/24806  Rembrandt's painting of Tobias.
AnonMysterySubjectWarsawNationalMus.jpg image by vanrijngo  AnonMysterySubjectWarsawNational-1.jpg image by vanrijngo  AnonMysterySubjectWarsawNational-3.jpg image by vanrijngo
AnonMysterySubject1632TheAscensionR.jpg image by vanrijngo  AnonMysterySubject1632TheAscensionR.jpg image by vanrijngo  MVC-050S.jpg image by vanrijngo

Rembrandt's "The Night Watch" painted in 1642, compared to a 1632 painting that's in Warsaw, and considered to be from an unknown 17th century artist, who at the time painted in a Rubenistic style. I say, to heck with all of you MFA experts, for you all are just as the ones Vincent van Gogh and Rembrandt van Rijn had known, the ones around in their own time,..... blind ass donkey eared MFA experts, ones who can't see you know what-tee!  Butt they seem to be good followers.

untitled1-1.jpg You don't know shit from shinola! image by vanrijngo  2e_1-1.jpg The line-up of experts image by vanrijngo  event_339465.jpg You Fucker's can't see shit image by vanrijngo

CanUCJudasKissingJesus.jpg image by vanrijngo  RHLinHELL.jpg image by vanrijngo
 Can any of you imagine an artist such as Rembrandt, with his own extraordinary power to hide in his paintings the absolute main theme, and what the paintings represent, without anyone able to actually see what he had painted and intended for them to see?  Just to give you an example of what was said, look for Judas kissing Jesus on his cheek in the above two pictures as he is holding on to Jesus' back hair and neck line, while the red robe is actually part of Judas' dress.

MVC-proprieterfillingglass.jpg image by vanrijngo  MVC-041Fa.jpg image by vanrijngo ebay970.jpg a dead lying ass, not large oyster like some say image by vanrijngo

I wonder what Rembrandt meant when showing those two well respected men in a house of prostitution while the little child molester is getting his drink refurbished by the house manager leaning through the door way.  You know how artists felt about these Dutch art experts, and their giant oysters, while usually their minds are in the clouds of smoke, and also the smoke they pull over the rest eyes, and knew then that the supposed experts were not ones to be messed with.  Well, I myself, vanrijngo,... don't really give a shit, for I'm here to mess with the whole MFA world.

albortaAnotheranatomylesson1a.jpg image by vanrijngo  The_Anatomy_Lecture_of_Dr_Nicolaes_.jpg image by vanrijngo
SaskiaRembrandtHendrickje.jpg image by vanrijngo
I want everyone of you supposed experts to imagine in this drawing of mine, this cute little monkey sitting on the arm of this chair, and watching the monkey business going on right before his and your eyes. Once you see this,... you will not see anything, butt this, for this is what was granted to Rembrandt by you know who for him giving up his soul for a life of magic. If only Vincent would have came to this understanding and conclusion,... he might not have suffered as much as he had and wouldn't have been so tormented by his brother, all of his colleagues, and all the rest of the supposed MFA experts.
MVC-002FRembrandt.jpg picture by vanrijngo
This was one of my greatest purchases ever on eBay.  I bought this painting as being described as a old painted portrait of a fisherman on wood panel.

rembrandtb.jpg image by vanrijngo  Rembrandt_ba.jpg image by vanrijngo
What a hell of a buy this must have been!  Could I interest you in a newly discovered painted framed Rembrandt, in the painting itself, possibly painted right out of a museum,... which the painted over part was removed by the experts while being restored to its origin, that is of what you see and put in a more suitable frame for its auctioning?  What a frigging Joke,... but just maybe it wasn't all that bad of a buy after all, when considerings the copying artist's identity.
No, Vincent van Gogh was a down home boy, he wouldn't cheat anyone,... that is,... unless he knew that he could get away with it,... say after some one had died.

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