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Tuesday, March 3rd 2009

12:00 AM

A story in pictures and words that only Vincent would be able to 'show & tell',.... if it happened to be truely his water color.

Could this water color painting I bought from Hawaii on eBay's auction site, just a few years back, really be that of a boarding house in similarities as the one as the Ravoux Inn Restaurant & Boarding House where Vincent had stayed in the last days of his life? In looking at this supposed boarding house, could it also be where Vincent himself might have stayed and painted his rented room with the light on upstairs,... similar to where he had died in 1890?  It does seem to me by reading books about Vincent's habits of staying in boarding houses,..... as being a good possibility.   The boarding and restaurant establishment of the Ravoux's, soon after Vincent had shot himself and died,.. sold it,... then they moved to Meulan where they ran another cafe opposite the Hotel Pinchon.  That is where Adeline's father had sold her portrait of her given to her by Vincent.

Do you suppose that this could have influenced her memories?

 Well,... anyway, if this happens to be another similar boarding house such as the Ravoux boarding house where Vincent had stayed and was actually painted by him;.........

 I know that the MFA experts would like to believe that some idiot artist, one such as Vincent van Gogh, a possible copyist who didn't developed a brush stroke such as Vincent's,....  painted this watercolor to try and fool the supposed so-called MFA Vincent Ban experts some where down the line,.... now if you can believe that,.......  like these so-called MFA Vincent Ban Gogh experts.

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