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Saturday, May 27th 2017

11:18 AM

"The Rembrandt Night Watch"

Night Watching by vanrijngo

Nope,... I just can't get that painting out of my mind sometimes! Every time I look at that painting I just want to go to some night club and have dinner with a beautiful young lady. We'd just sit & eat while watching the people having a great time out there on the dance floor. What is that guy up their on the upper platform singing with those other couples dancing around him,.... is that song in Dutch? Hell,... I even forgot what that base player's name was,... or those other band members over there on the right. I know I should remember that drummers name, we used to get tipsy at the bar together. Wow! Where did that little witch come from? Oh! I see,.. I'm getting a little pie eyed with that last drink of wine I drank,.... that's the shoulder of that tall brunette getting ready to twirl around the captain in black,.. that is if that couple in red don't run her over first. If that lieutenant in yellow doesn't stop playing with that gals backside who has her head laying on his shoulder, I'm going to haft to get up there with my little honey and try that myself. I guess I better slow down on my drinks,.... I'm starting to see things that aren't there!

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