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Monday, March 7th 2016

12:57 PM

Gauguin oil Painting Escape to Egypt & Art piece found in sofa

Moving blog forward from 4/30/08

A true turn of the 20th century oil painting,... and not looked at very admirably in the eyes of the MFA experts. While being shown and not intended by myself of misleading ones about this painting being discussed just below, it's only put up for viewing as for a comparison of subject matter.

couchPainting1.jpg picture by vanrijngo

couchPainting1a.jpg image by vanrijngo  couchPainting1b.jpg image by vanrijngo


Art found in sofa sells for $27,000

vanrijngo says, although this was supposedly a great find,..... and while being a fantastic great sale,....  it sometimes really does amaze me where great paintings are said to be and are some times found. It has been said, you can even find them hanging on some peoples walls. 
 Lets just take into consideration a large oil painting, of a similar known biblical scene,.... "The escape to Egypt" which is in my own collection.   I know that not one MFA expert is going to agree with me (vanrijngo)  or believe one little thing I have to say about anything,.. especially about this painting I'll be showing.  The big Question,... do you really think I care, or even give a shit what these stupid ass MFA people think when they expect people to believe bullshit like what is said above? 
couchPainting2.jpg picture by vanrijngo

I know finding a painting hidden in a pullout couch such as this one above, supposedly by this German student who purchased this sofa at a Berlin flea market for just over $215, does sound and looks to be a little bit far fetched to most,.... but at the same time should help you in seeing how these MFA experts really think.  Maybe I myself had better start collecting up some of these great looking couches to resell, and for God sakes,..... going through them first before reselling them.  Did you really have yourselves a good peak at this $215.00 pull-out couch?  I think it would have been more believable if they would have said they saved it from being buried at the dump.
Come to think of it,.... I'll take my own chances of finding them on the walls!
Now,.... getting back to the one that is in my own collection which I'll be showing you below,.... one that was truly painting at the turn of the twentieth century.
firstpicture.jpg picture by vanrijngo
Like I said earlier,... not one MFA experts is going to agree with me about this painting,.... but I want each and every one of you reading and looking at this work of art,... to realize,... Gauguin was not a religious man, and he condemned an artist aquaitence for himself being himself, and talking of Jesus Christ as if he were His Father himself.  I want you all to enjoy what I'm showing you.
event_310921.jpg image by vanrijngo event_310940a.jpg image by vanrijngo hellofArockFormation.jpg nature does have a way of calling. image by vanrijngo
MVC-069F1x.jpg image by vanrijngo HowdoUlikethisMFA.jpg image by vanrijngo PaulGauguinSignature.jpg image by vanrijngo
MVC-069FsignatureofGauguin1900.jpg image by vanrijngo MVC-072F.jpg image by vanrijngo MVC-053F1.jpg image by vanrijngo
MVC-051F.jpg image by vanrijngo MVC-043F.jpg image by vanrijngo MVC-040F.jpg image by vanrijngo
5HighlightedDamagedareas.jpg image by vanrijngo Closeupof5tears.jpg image by vanrijngo
untitled10a.jpg picture by vanrijngo

This is one hell of a amazing fact in most eyes of everyone who will be able to see with their own eyes and understand with their own minds.  I could actually at this day and age give a shit less about who is going to believe what I have to say, or who will not.  It absolutely make no difference at all to me, for time is running out for most all of us inhabitants of this MFA world of ours.

 The main question I want to ask the majority of you who are starting to understand what is being said is this;  Do any of you really believe that Vincent in those short few months of his association with Paul Gauguin, in Paris, and also in Arles, France while at the yellow house had any effects upon him?  I'm talking about Gauguin's works of art, and also the lasting and deeply embedded impressions of Vincent van Gogh's ideals of the miseries and masteries of fine art, and of Vincent's own beliefs.

lrgwork_03Gauguinsignature.jpg picture by vanrijngo

Can any of you believe that this artist Paul Gauguin, after ten years to forget about this piece of shit artist Vincent, that got under his skin, who he believed attempted to kill him, and believing Vincent not knowing the first thing about painting a masterpiece,.... in the last couple of years of his own life,.... he paints this painting of "The Escape From Egypt".   I'm sure most do not believe that Joseph looked anything like Vincent would have looked, and this in itself more than likely caused such roars of laughter from the artist, that he could have been close to having himself one big heart attack.

firstpicture.jpg image by vanrijngo
Click below link to see another Gauguin oil painting he painted before he went to Arles France to live with Vincent in the yellow house.
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