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Saturday, May 30th 2015

12:10 PM

Vincent's Crows in the Wheat fields outside of Paris painted in 1886-7

Vincent van Gogh's painting of "The Crows in the Wheat Fields"

Another video of the crows in the wheat fields painted in 1886- 7 in the out-skirts of Paris in a farmers wheat field. You can see they were just in the process of installing new power poles for the electricity that was coming in their near future for the residents. Look close for the crows and you just may find them. Here's one on the front picture with another one flying on the other side of him if you can imagine that. There's another two crows flying as painted as the shadow of the cut rows of grain on the other side. If you look close you should be able to find their heads to imagine the rest of their bodies flying out of the fields low as a better chance of not being shot.




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